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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Invented A Reasonably Priced, Battery Backup and 120V Inverter Powered From PV Solar

Been meaning to do this for several years.    I completed Phase 1 yesterday.

The trick has always been in making it compact, reliable, user friendly, safe, and most of all....relatively cheap.    Traditional PV Systems, the Battery Backup provisions add around $15,000 to the system.   I believe I will be able to market this for around $1,500.

What if you could have an emergency system, that needed no gas, made no noise, and could:
  1. Power your frig
  2. Keep your cell phone and electronics charged
  3. Run some LED lights in your bathrooms, kitchens
  4. Run a microwave oven
  5. Run a radio and TV for emergency messaging
  6. Run a shortwave or HAM Radio
  7. Run your "Burglar Alarm"
  8. Directly charge your USB Devices
  9. Allow you to occasionally run your computer and monitor 
  10. Charge your rechargeable batteries
What if I could provide an easily deployable and movable system, even a "hide-able" system  for under $1,500?

I think that would be a real winner.   Would this make a significant improvement to your life in a real emergency situation?    The answer is YES!    By the Way.

Well I finished the beta phase, design, procurement, and assembly.    Proof of concept is completed.

I am testing it now, and probably running for several months, with varying configurations, monitoring DC current flows, AC current and kwH, temperatures, and testing in various humidity, rain, high temp, and later in winter, for low temps.    

Does anyone have any interest in a system like this?


  1. Sounds pretty sweet, you should have some pix of this new battery hotness.

    1. TY Right now its pretty hillbilly, all flopped around on my shop floor. I am using it now to power some fans to help dry the 60 hard neck garlic that I just harvested. Then it will also power a dehumidifier for my pantry, and some LED lights.

      stock out.

  2. Sounds too good to be true! Let us know when finished and the final specs.

    1. It will definitely work. I will have a few options in terms of number of panels and wattage, number of batteries, cart mounted or just boxed, quality of inverter (true sine wave or not), and then of course, controller has to be sized to number of panels and voltage, and then decide whether Maximum Power Point tracking is really needed. The MPP won't be known until I get from DC amp monitoring systems going.

      But it is working now, 1 panel, 1 battery. Does provide backup power, AND free power.

  3. I am very interested in this system. I have been thinking about building my own but why reinvent the wheel? The controller specifics will be important to me. My email is:

    1. Roger that, I worked out the kinks of the Phase 2 product development, the next Phase will be a parallel feed into the controller via a combination box for multiple feed panels. The controller I am using has a max voltage input of 50 volts, so I have to go parallel.


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