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Sunday, July 24, 2016

New York Positioning to Screw the Electric Ratepayers to Keep Dangerous Old Nuclear Alive

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They are proposing that rate payers give an extra 7.8 Billion dollar to subsidize---

Fitzpatrick Nuclear, a single reactor at 838 MW, and annual generation of 6918 GWH
It's a 41 year old Boiling Water Reactor, similar to Fukushima.    They already decided to shut this one down, but may now keep it if they can get ratepayer to pay them more.
New York is planning to screw the ratepayers in order to hand money to the dying nuclear industry.   To the tune of $7.8 Billion Dollars.

That works out to around 2.5 cents per kWH

But solar PV can be implemented at under 2.94 cents per kWH and that price stay fixed for 30 years of production.

The average wholesale price of electricity in New England is around 3 cents per kWH.

So why extract the money from the ratepayer and give it to nuclear.   Nuclear is almost twice as expensive as other generation sources if they need 2.5 cents per kWH EXTRA to "be competitive"

The bottom line is that nuclear is NOT COMPETITIVE.

Nine Mile Point, 2 reactors, annual generation of 13963 GWH both dangerous old Boiling Water Reactors, like Fukushima.

Ginna,  Annual generation of 4930 GWH, already getting subsidies and now proposed to get even more.     Its very old at 46 years.    They were convicted of defrauding the rate payers, and had to pay a $240M fine.

This is a combined total 25811 GWH or 2581 Mega- kWH

As shown in the excel calculation below, this works out to an average subsidy of 2.5 cents per kWH, over 12 years.

But even on small residential scales, Solar PV can be done for 2.94 cents per KWH.

Here is the proof on the solar cost

So why extract almost this same amount from ratepayer to give to nuclear.    Why not just give that money to the ratepayers to put solar on their own roofs?


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