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Saturday, July 2, 2016

NextEra, Florida Power and Light, Reaching a Bubble Top in Audacity and Arrogance

Showing a peak of arrogance, the corrupt "NextEra" delays a proposal for a year, thus saving customers 35 cents a month, while at the same time trotting out a request to take an EXTRA $1.3 Billion from these same ratepayers over 3 years.

But on Thursday, the company’s attorneys are scheduled to ask regulators to delay the proposal for at least a year. That could save the average customer 35 cents a month next year.

The bad news comes in August. That’s when FP&L is expected to ask for a $1.3 billion rate increase spread over the next three years. If approved, it could raise average monthly power bills 27 percent.

NextEra is also deep in the process of trying to buy Hawaiian Electric company.   

Formerly, Hawaiian Electric allowed it's customers to readily go to solar electric PV.    Then some interesting events happen.

The chairman of the Public Utilities Comission, Hermina, who was pro-solar, was sacked.   Then the followwing week, the NextEra buyout of HECO was announced.

Then HECO started restricting solar PV in the islands.    Bankrupting over 100 solar companies that were highly invested in solar.  

And yet there is no class action lawsuit, most remaining companies grovelling to stay in good graces, so they can pick up the scraps that HECO lets them have....trickling out projects just to keep some companies alive and not protesting.   

How sad is that?

Sometimes evil does win.

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