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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nuclear Cartel Pulling Out All The Stops to Screw the Ratepayer in New York

stock here, I have been harping on this for years.    The lies about Global Warming, which then morphed into "fighting carbon", would be used to allow the nuclear cartel, on it's deathbed, to screw the ratepayers out of many Billions, for their profit.

Carol Browner, former climate and energy advisor to President Barack Obama, said New York could serve as a "very important example" to other states struggling with potential nuclear plant shutdowns.

The industry hopes that if New York succeeds, it could pressure other states to adopt similar subsidies.

New York's decision is "fundamentally the most important for the nuclear industry as a whole, and for Exelon's nuclear fleet," said Joe Dominguez, a government affairs official at the company, which owns or operates about two dozen nuclear units across the country. In Illinois, Exelon plans to shut two plants unless the state legislature passes a clean energy standard this year.
I found this "Nuclear Shutdown" site while researching the New York debacle.

Nuclear Shutdown News July 2016

Michael Steinberg Black Rain Press

Nuclear Shutdown News chronicles the decline of the nuclear power industry in the US and beyond, and highlights the efforts of those who are working to create a nuclear free future. Here is our June 2016 report.


  1. People that hate the nuclear industry dont know what they are talking about. This technology hasnt killed millions. They hate what they dont understand. Yeah you have non-nuclear engineering degree from UMich. But to those that do have nuclear degrees from UMich theyll know more than you ever will. I turned down UM to go yo grad school at a better place that prepared me for more applied work.

    People that work in nuclear are hard workijg, conscientious and raise ramilies. They also doont enjoy working hard then having some know nothing journalists misrepresent their efforts to sell papers.

    Ive read your stuff for 5 years now. Its not playing in Peoria, where people at the grass roots level care. It might resonate with the haters and rat farmers but at the end of the day its all rhetoric.

    You need to examine your motives. Personally you seem like a nice guy but are wildly mistaken by your own confirmation bias.

    The kegacy of the antinuke is that they allowed more fossil go trash the planet. The sntinuke was the enabler for vig fossil. Think im joking? Look at Zimmer. Youre smart enough to google that. Wassweman in ohio was at ground zero of that debacle.

    The garden variety antinuke is a bafoon. They were grounded in coynterculture. They hate America.

    I say history will cast the antinuke in its proper light in time. However the planet may not have much time.

    You call yourself a nuke pro. Do us all a favor and keep showing the world why you arent a real pro.

    I debunked your criticality 5 years ago and have written a dozen papers, presented all over the world.

    Muon tomography was the nail in your coffin, as i long maintained. The corium is right where i said it would be. I was right, you were wrong. I was right because in the real pro, not the faux pro. And i know more than you.

    That phone ring? Thats UNich. They want their degrees back

    1. I thought you were getting a lil frazzled lately but this rant was what i have been waiting for... the tantrum. "I am smarter than U!!! WAAA! You all just HATE 'Merica'. WAAA!!"
      Calm down, and zip up, ur fallacy is showing.

    2. G LOL exactly.... when the argument drops to the level of "you hate America" then basically, its the same level as calling someone Hitler....we have won the argument.

      Now that pesky little task of shutting them all down.....

  2. LOL you haven't debunked shite. But you clearly bring out the lies of the nuclear industry. I thought you quit for a while there.....

    I betcha you going to vote for Hillary, please confirm.

  3. It seems that NY authorities' priorities are pretty clear in this case. They need to profit and to keep reducing the carbon dioxide ejecting.

    Probably, as long as maintenance rules are followed, and as long as nulear power plants are protected from terrorists, a nuclear accident is not to happen.

    However, the nuclear power is the least popular alternative energy source among them all. Partially due to the fear of terrorists attacking a nuclear power plant, leading to the new nuclear disaster to happen. Read the detailed infographics about nuclear energy is here Partially because nuclear disasters do happen, and every time is a big trouble.

    1. Warren, that is a good fair and balanced comment. "If" is the operand word. Human greed, denial, and the apparent "need for corruption" sway the equation to the very bad side of IF


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