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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nuclear Loves Corrupt States, Like New York, They Plan on Raping the Ratepayer $1B To Transfer Wealth

stock here.   I knew deep in my heart that the Nukists that be would be using the "carbon lie" to promote themselves.   That is one reason that I actually found the Global warming temperature data before they jiggered it all.

And found that Global temperature is not caused by CO2, it may be a very small effect, but hardly noticeable.   So the big lie is playing out.


The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued a proposal to keep upstate nuclear energy plants open, supporting the US state to meet long-term environmental and economic standards.

According to the proposal issued by the PSC, advantages of the zero-emission plants prove to be far more than the costs involved.

Ya right.   They want to Extract $1 Billion MORE from the ratepayers over just 2 years.   How
exactly is that going to help the CITIZENS of New York?    

Another huge lie....nuclear plants are a benefit because of the property taxes that they pay.     Wow.     Isn't it immediately obvious that those property taxes were extracted from the rate payers, and the economy would be far better off if the ratepayers kept that money and spent it in efficent ways....something that governments cannot do.

And then, in some shady deal, Exelon, instead of having to bear the $1B cost of decomissioning Fitzpatrick, has bribed the PSC into this subsidy, and then into letting them sell Fitzpatrick to some Zombie corporation that will simply go bankrupt when the time to decomission comes. 

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