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Thursday, July 7, 2016

USA Nuclear Is Dying, Another 4 Nuke Plants Bite The Dust

Whatever it takes, whatever method or reason, closing nuclear plants is a huge win for the humans, animals, plants or the world

And now even though they had a license extension and long term lease renewed, Diablo Canyon is
going to close 2 plants, and replace it with

1) Renewable (Solar PV)
2) Efficiency
3) Storage

PERFECT!   and listed in the "right order" also.    Diablo Canyon is about 9% of California's Electricity, so that is a big deal. 

Dive Insight:

After years of debate over its future, Diablo Canyon is succumbing to the fate of many nuclear plants in organized markets.
With low gas prices and stagnant load growth keeping market prices down, nuclear plants, with their relatively high fixed costs, are finding it difficult to compete. Five reactors were shut down in 2013 and 2014, the Post notes, while Exelon just announced plans to shutter two major plants after efforts to win legislative support in Illinois failed.
“Our analysis continues to show that instead of continuing to run all the time, there will be parts of the year where Diablo will not be needed,” PG&E CEO Tony Earley, said Tuesday, according to SF Gate.
And in the incredibly corrupt Illinois, where Exelon tried to strong arm the State into coughing up more money to increase profits, well....Illinois refused to be blackmailed.

And Exelon is shutting down 2 plants, there.    Huuwah!

This describes the run up to the decision

And this is the decision 

Finally, in Nevada, another bastion of proper conduct, another huge win for SOLAR!

And a citizen journalist does some nice research to prove that a PUC official was biased against solar even while currently reviewing policy on solar.   That PUC official got her ass canned.

PUC Official, Tweeting Against Solar, gets canned

Voltz said he made the connection via a Google search of a Twitter account and connecting the picture on the account to Tanner’s Facebook page.
“A review of these comments shows that Ms. Tanner was disparaging the rooftop solar companies, the net metering customers and the Bureau of Consumer Protection, while at the same time praising NV Energy, when the Commission still had this matter pending before it,” Voltz told the commissioners in the public testimony portion of the Wednesday meeting.
He provided a link to the comments.
The Twitter account appears to have been closed.
Voltz said Tanner appeared to have violated the rules of Judicial Conduct which prohibit a judge or court staff from making comments that impair the fairness of a matter pending before it. The rules apply because the PUC is a quasi-judicial agency.
The PUC had no comment and would not even say if Tanner had left the agency. But she is no longer listed as staff member on the PUC website.


  1. Its not nuclear woes just gas is cheap in America. Renewables are proving to be a bust here. Pie in the sky. Nuclears new generation will take over and transition to a leaner more robust industry.

    1. Thats a lame excuse...gas is cheap, yet electric costs have not come down at all. So why can't nuke compete? The fuel input is just a few percentages of the cost of nuclear.

      Renewables are proving to be spectacular, and what we learned from Hawaii...the grid is much more resilient and robust in handling PV than even this somewhat conservative engineer would have ever imagined.

    2. Tsk Tsk, Loosey that Does sound like sour grapes... "we cant compete because //insert verbal diarrhea"
      Your whole energy industry is built on subsidy and graft... home based PV\wind and biogas threatens that sytem and you cant gnash your teeth and wave a gun to make it go away. It must frustrate a monster like you loosey.

  2. Frustrated monsters can be very dangerous as they lose their precious


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