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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Advanced Discussion on Why Radiation Is far Worse Than Vested Interest Models Show It to Be

I have submitted my work on radiation damage to Chitin, and radiation magnification within Chitin to about 15 real scientists that are working on things related to mass die offs, sea life health.
Not a single freaking response. Over say 3 months.
I submitted it to Berkley today.

from a distance from a distance
That's great, stock! Be patient. It's a completely new concept to them and so you may not receive a response. It is very admirable that you passed along your research, though, and planted the seed.

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
chitin…not that it matters very much and certainly not to detract from stocks good work on the subject, but it was Code who first worked on the biopolymer as ion exchange resin concept last year nov 2015

and more specifically in feb 2016

I think a big piece of the puzzle was not picked up; disturbance of point sources of radiation to the bioelectric field which is important for morphogenesis. Radioactivity from potassium does not disturb the ionic and voltage gradients which are key biological signaling factors. Man made radiation is not only concentrated to begin with, on the atom level, but also is distributed unevenly. This acts as an antenna or amplification effect which actually turns intrinsic radiation into a poison. We have two confirmations of this antenna effect. One is from Busby but a recent experiment also mentioned something similar. I lost track of the paper
So its not just that radiation destroys chitin, rather its that chitin is one biopolymer that absorbs radiation into point sources.

  • definitely true that the bio-centration effect of chitin on radio-isotopes is very important in the process, the process of destruction.
    Some links to "antenna effect" would be excellent.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    stock. Heavy metal radionuclides "weaponize" background radiation via the photelectron effect. Also, a specific protein has been identified that transports radionuclides and also has an antenna effect
    Busby antenna type effect;
    the absorption of gamma radiation is proportional to the 4th power of the atomic number Z. paragraph 4.5. SECONDARY PHOTOELECTRON EFFECTS; A problem in radiation protection arises when high Z elements are incorporated into living tissue, since the enormously greater absorption of photon radiation by such material will result in enhanced doses to tissues adjacent to the high Z material.This causes enhanced photoelectron ionization at the DNA due to enhanced absorption of natural background radiation . A similar process occurs with the Platinum chemotherapeutic agent cisplatin which binds to the DNA and acts as an antenna for background radiation and radiotherapy beams.

    Recently, scientists have reported that an iron-binding protein called siderocalin can also bind and transport actinides into cells, a major advance in understanding the biological chemistry of radioactive metals. the biological chemistry of actinide metal ions is largely unknown, and new approaches to the understanding of pathways underlying contamination are needed. , a basic understanding of how actinides act in the body is still needed. Although…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
      scientists; sorry you cant have it both ways. When you protect the industry, even three meltdowns equivalent to about 10,000 Hiroshima bombs is absolutely safe. You know all about the science thus our only fear is fear itself. But when you want to patent an anti fallout drug, this is what you say;

      'Actinides and lanthanide fission products, as well as other radionuclides from the nuclear fuel process, are a severe health risk as contaminants due to both radiological and chemical toxicity. The toxicity of these ions is governed by uptake mechanisms, oxidation state and speciation, intracellular distribution, and interactions with various macromolecules, and depends on their physiochemical properties and ligand preferences. Little is known about the toxicity mechanisms of actinides and lanthanides at the molecular level, the impact of radiation induced damage versus chemically induced damage, and how metal sensing translates into appropriate cellular responses.
      We are exploring the lanthanide and actinide sensitization efficiency of selective ligands through the antenna effect in order to develop thermodynamically stable complex systems that display characteristic optical features. These features will be essential to the development of new therapeutic strategies, environmental decontamination platforms, and diagnostic probes in nuclear medicine

      • Jebus Jebus
        So, if I can simply relate, to a cell, one decay, is like a flash bang grenade going off, whereby every adjacent cell gets a stunning EMP?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
          Cell to cell effects is one thing, but the antenna effect is intracelluar…a beacon, fixed in place, absorbing background radiation, and also ionizing its locality

          • Jebus Jebus
            I maybe get it.
            The biological normalcy that has evolved, over eons, in a radioactive world and beyond, is being attenuated, detrimentally, by the extra photoelectron ionization, that is occuring with obviously internal exposure?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
              fukushima shoes
              Soluble cesium quickly dilutes to safe levels well below background. Wrong again Kenny. Other auto-radiophotographs show this point source effect occurring from uptake in biological tissues. If the points of radiation consist of high atomic weight particles even the ever-present background radiation gets drawn into it like a black hole. absorption of gamma radiation is proportional to the 4th power of the atomic number. Meanwhile a normal protein, siderocalin, is fixing the toxic ionization metal in place and ALSO acting as a sensitizing antenna. The effect is powerful enough to use as a visual diagnostic tool. Normal background radiation, evenly distributed such that the chance of a cell getting hit is only once a year is now your enemy, as is your iron transporting protein siderocalin. Chitin is another normally good and indispensable life element that has been rendered deadly. Meanwhile scientists are stuck in a conceptual roadblock; all radiation is the same and can be assessed on a linear dose model. How wrong they are. How disappointing that our best and brightest arent so bright after all

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
                I think back on how much resistance I got for talking about background radiation, pointing out the differences, highlighting the failings of the linear no threshold model. It was a bummer man. It made me switch to simple one liners….never simple enough! Never forget the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns I said. But to what effect? In the latest research, we can get a feel for how much our brightest scientists know about the fallout they call safe or deadly well known or not, depending on their whimsy.
                "Little is known about the toxicity mechanisms of actinides and lanthanides at the molecular level, the impact of radiation induced damage versus chemically induced damage, and how metal sensing translates into appropriate cellular responses"
                Little is known, little is known, little is known, little is known.
                Thus you cant compare fallout to background, or rely on your safety guidelines as gospel truth, or argue hormesis because little is known, little is known, little is known

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
                distribution of chitin mineral uptake in lobster. They dip the lobster in sea water with strontium and radioactive calcium. See the many points of radiation. Sand and broken glass are the same material, just like potassium and cesium are both radioactive. Its the points of glass that make it dangerous

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  1. Recognition: Don't wait, choose your team and move forward. A prime example of this is Suspicious0bservers with the theory the sun triggers earthquakes, who is getting back lash on the findings. A reminder from a great engineer;

    “I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
    ― Nikola Tesla

    1. Ya I have this little problem of life, getting in the way of

    2. Aye, that is a challenge. To bad we don't have carbon based units at home, from petri dish to full function in 6 weeks to share the load. But maybe there is something like that, I remember one of my first reads out here 'Multiple Meteor "Attacks" are More Common Than You Think'. After reading that I thought the fellow who does some research on the 1871 fires and with findings that could clear charges on Mrs. O'Leary's cow? I'm in, along with thousands of others on many articles here.

      In other words, carbon based units out of the dish sharing your views. That's an impressive stream.


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