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Sunday, August 28, 2016

As Radiation Destroys the Food Chain of the Pacific -- Even Worse -- The Plankton Cycle Affects the Weather In a Negative Cycle

stock here-- I have shown how "Chitin" [pronounced Kai-Ten] absorbs radiation like a sponge, and
that radiation is one of the few things that can damage/break apart Chitin.

Phytoplankton and ZooPlankton shell is composed of Chitin.   Radiation kills these small marine plants and animals, which is the basis of the ocean food chain.

See below, Plankton make clouds in the sky.  No joke.    Cloud help keep things cool.    Was the "blob" of warm water actually caused by a radiation kill off of the Plankton and Krill.   Indeed.

Hat tip to CodeShutdown for this  weather find as well as the original Chitin idea


Each stage of this food chain does its utmost to survive, battling both the creatures that rely on it for food, and the natural environment. This evolutionary ‘arms race’ can lead to some truly astonishing connections, that are far from immediately obvious. Over the last few decades the diverse combination of satellite imaging, marine biochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and meteorology have revealed that phytoplankton can bend the weather to their advantage, seeding clouds to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation.
Cloud Seeding


  1. Thats an illogical proposition. The oceans are naturally radioactive. Radioactivity drom man made activity pales in comparison. Not enough to "tip it". Lol

    1. Now you are stealing 2 of my memes? Shows you got no game
      1) pales in comparison
      2) tip it

    2. I used it first. Ten years ago before 311.

      I bet you think you came up with red pill too. Ask Wachova brothers for permission.

    3. Which one? TIPP it good.

      $2B wasted at WIPP, how sad

  2. not clear on why pro nukers keep relating man made radiation to naturally occurring radiation. makes them look stupid.

    1. They think they are fooling people. I mean if they were real, why wouldn't they present data on how K40 biomagnifies in Chitin like Cesium and Strontium do.

      Here is the answer, because naturally occurring radiation DOES NOT biomagnify

      Shame on the nukist

    2. Man made, natural, its the same brand. Every isotope man makes occurs in nature. Its not a different physics. Spontaneous fission still has a double humped fission product curve. Now whose stupid? Learn.

    3. You dodged the question, that was chity of you.

    4. K40 releases a 1.46 MeV gamma ray. Other isotopes release less radiation and get more negative airplay. No reason.

    5. loose Nuke your oceanic background radiation argument is disingenuous, or you havent followed. The chitin absorbtion and bioaccumulation of synthetic fission products forms point sources of high radioactivity. The process is complex and depends on biological mineral transport factors as well as the ion-exchange mechanism of chitin. the selective absorption and bioaccumulation factors, relevant to the background k-40 argument are seen in the published data

      concentration factors for plutonium
      phytoplankton 100 000 x
      microzooplankton 15 000 x

      phytoplankton 20 x
      teleost fish 20 to 60 x
      octopus and squid 10x

    6. K40 ZERO percent bioaccumulation, imagine that.

    7. loose nuke, I have read many of your posts. Your motivation seems to be an attempt to discredit and disprove anything that shows a danger in nuclear fallout. A glaring omission is that you never bring anything to the studies, no references, no theories.

      Another observation; you display no concern for the environment, the health of plant and animal. Since the Fukushima disaster, there has been a rise in horrendous mortality events. For example the simultaneous reduction in anchovie and sardine is an ominous tragedy for those animals and the ones who feed on them. I dont think anyone is saying poisonous nuclear fallout is the sole cause, but to dismiss, out of hand, the effect of approximately 10,000 Hiroshima bombs is...well, stupid. If you would like to be taken more seriously, you have to improve your contribution, which so far, is conspicuously vacuous

  3. Krill Cloud Nucleation getting some traction.


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