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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bloomberg -- Mouthpiece Of the Sociopathic Super Rich -- Now Selling "Radiation Is Not Bad For You"

SAM at ENE has this to say:
This is a title from an article on Bloomberg News today.
Go read it! It is pure propaganda lulling the masses to
accept the risks of more radiation in their lives from all
things nuclear. It is softening up the public to accept the
risks of nuclear bombs. This should be a headline article
on this site. Basically saying don't fear radiation as it is
less deadly than other harms in life. What is the agenda
here? Who is promoting this and why now? (rhetorical questions)
With Trump asking if we have nuclear weapons how come we
do not use them? and WarMonger Hillary with Gloria Nuland as
future Sec of State whose husband is Neo Con Kagan we are
on the edges of nuclear confrontation with Russian and China.

Getting hot out there in these DogDays of Summer
with the entire North American continent being lit with ascending
radiation counts all over the place. Denial reigns supreme till
the cosmic crack occurs and Truth streams in blinding the stupid.
 stock here, we need to take back the narrative.    They parse the lie right out of the gate.   The premise is that as long as radiation has not (or will not) kill you directly, then you can stop fighting the nuclear industry, stop being worried about it.

Then in their second sentence, they introduce their next lie "science understands how you fear radiation" with the implication that science knows what you don't and therefore you are wrong and should not fear radiation.   In fact their sentence "

Studying survivors of America’s atomic attacks on Japan have helped scientists better understand radiation—and how we fear it."

Is a complete lie.   Nothing in the study of Japanese survivors has produced any information on "how we fear it".    Their use of that is a cheap ploy.  

And the lies keep on rolling.    The entire ICRP dose model which purports to estimate risk from radiation is a flawed model out of the gate.    Using an atom bomb, on a very unique population that in general eats very healthy, does not have nutritional deficiencies that allow radiation to take the place of something else in the body, and they eat a lot of iodine, a prime protectant against Radioactive Iodine, one of the worst.     Using this as a study to set future "calculated dose models" is just so wrong that it boggles the mind.      So now they say 

"and the fact that they received a single dose of radiation that can be consistently estimated makes the conclusions much more reliable than in more complex situations such as the Chernobyl disaster (see later)." 

 A single "dose" in which the primary and most dangerous radiation is Iodine, which goes away very quickly with an 8 days half life, AND in a population that is "fully loaded" with Iodine already via Kelp and Seaweed, is not just wrong, it is completely disingenuous.   A single dose is far less harmful than lower doses over a long period of time.    Making the conclusion that it is much more reliable, a fabrication of criminal extent in my opinion.   

And then finally at the conclusion, they throw down the gauntlet.   They expose that they are here to promote nuclear power stations.

Compared to subsequent nuclear disasters involving nuclear power stations (Chernobyl and Fukushima), the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings provide data that are much more clear cut and reliable.
So in other words...don't worry, we have the best data, and you can go to sleep, don't worry about those nuclear power stations that corrupted the political system in New York this week, and are raping the rapepayers for almost $10B while also taking a public trust fund of $700M and just handing it to the nuke compnay "for future use".  

Incredible isn't it?

 Just precious, then they play the "Conspiracy Card"
Conspiracy theories argue for a massive cover-up of catastrophic health information and sometimes make their way into allegedly scientific papers (Sawada 2007; Yablokov 2009).
Ya right, the Japan Secrecy law, specifically created to squash real information about Fukushima, and the fact that there is 550 time more Thyroid cancer coming to those in the area.

Bloomberg has been "backing" nuclear for quite some time.

Shame on them.   


  1. Did you see the health propaganda by IAEA a few weeks back? Instructions to medical professionals on how to manage after a nuclear incident, with a emphasis on... drum roll, please: fear... I tweeted it out asking: Are we going to let IAEA dictate health protocol to medical professionals? tweeted to drs w/out borders, dr caldicott etc

    1. Aiyaiyai, another tool of the globalist sociopaths!

    2. I found it and made an article


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