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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is Baraboo Wisconsin Contaminated with WW2 Nuclear Waste? How About the Monkeys in Japan?

Hmmm, I wonder what those 1000 Monkeys turned up? Since the results were never released, it must not be good.

here are researchers at Fukushima U, Institute of Environmental Radioactivity

This guy did the Monkey study

Professor Takayuki Takahashi from Fukushima University

An unrelated test-----stock here, these are smoking high Cesium levels, and these Monkey are 70 Km away from the blown up nuclear plant.

Mousseau told Live Science. "These monkeys are living at levels of contamination that are very similar to what many of the people are also living in."
The researchers studied blood changes and signs of radiation exposure in 61 monkeys living 43 miles (70 kilometers) from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, about one year after an earthquake and tsunami struck the region in 2011, causing a meltdown of three of the plant's reactors, which released a large amount of radioactive material into the environment.

The researchers also found radioactive cesium in the muscles of Fukushima monkeys, ranging from 78 to 1778 becquerels (units of radioactivity representing decay per second) per kilogram


9 places known for a long time as possible nuclear waste sites, but only reported now. 

They should all be held accountable....look at this

The options, he wrote, were to discharge the material into a storm sewer, which empties into Two Mile Creek and eventually into the Niagara River, or to ''discharge this material into a well on our Tonawanda factory property,'' which he said was already unfit for drinking. 'Plan 2 Is Favored'
The Linde official then added: ''Plan 1 is objectionable because of probably future complications in the event of claims of contamination against us. Plan 2 is favored because our law department advises that it is considered impossible to determine the course of subterranean streams and, therefore, the responsibility for contamination could not be fixed.''

The NRC states no fuel cycle places in Wisconsin, at least for now

An interesting Story that ties Baraboo to Nuclear Bombs via a pilot from Baraboo

In the spring of 1945, Garvin Kowalke was named pilot of a B-29 bomber that he named “The City of Baraboo” after his hometown. 

The name of Kowalke’s plane made him a local celebrity and the Baraboo News Republic followed his exploits in the paper.  Kowalke and “The City of Baraboo” flew a total of 17 missions before the end of the war, many of them night firebombing missions over Japan.  “The City of Baraboo” was never seriously damaged in any of these missions.

After the war, “The City of Baraboo” was scheduled to go on tour around the country as part of the fanfare over the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but two engine fires just before the plane was to leave ended the tour plans.  “The City of Baraboo” was flown back to California.  No one knows what happened to the plane after that.

Garvin Kowalke went on to serve through two more wars eventually retiring from the military after 28 years of service.  He then became the director of the Sauk County Emergency Management department, retiring from the county in 1985.

----------------------------They did have an ammunition plant.  Seems like they made "gun cotton", but nothing nuclear related.

Now the plant was seemingly restored and turned over to Ho Chunk Indians


Ho-Chunk to finally get 1,500 acres at closed Badger Army Ammunition Plant


  1. Not nuclear related. More confounders for you to consider. Doesnt it make you wonder everywhere you claim nuclear destroys, life thrives.

    1. What the hell are you talking about? Use English sentence structures and a subject.


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