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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Real Medical Industry Views and Practices on Thyroid Decision Making After Fukushima

Well, 2 interesting points.    They don't talk about blasting the individual with radioactive Iodine 131 to totally blow away the thyroid and for sure kill it.....there is also serious damage to other body parts in that macabre "treatment".   And yes it is a real, and used, "medical treatment".

Rather than "cut it out" they SIMPLY inject them with massive amounts of radiation to destroy the organ in situ.     How "clean".    sarc.

Point 2, they talk about patient involvement in the decision, which is good, but they do not once discuss the reality of living without a thyroid.    Thyroid is very essential and controls our entire metabolism.    There are tons of ramifications of trying to live with no thyroid, medications, testing, lots of cost and time.    This should certainly be a very important part of that discussion with the patient, but it is ignored.

Young people in Japan are now being diagnosed, not just with cysts, but with real cancer, in great numbers.      The Fukushima Furoshiki is in vogue now.   Like the Chernobyl necklace.   Don't know what I speak of?   Google it.

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