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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Renegade Scientists -- Now Required for Societal Progress to Be Made

stock here: So many lying grant whore scientists out there "you know how things work".

We need some good ones!  Like this guy, he broke open and stayed on the Flint thing.

BTW, why aren't people, especially kids, in Flint getting EDTA to remove the lead from their bodies?

Nuremberg trials, anyone?

Until last year, the most famous case Edwards investigated was the lead contamination of the water supply in the nation’s capital — still the worst such event in modern American history, in magnitude and duration. In Washington, lead levels shot up in 2001, and in some neighborhoods they remained dangerously elevated until 2010. Edwards maintains, and spent years working to prove, that scientific misconduct at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exacerbated the D.C. crisis. A congressional investigation culminated in a 2010 report, titled “A Public Health Tragedy: How Flawed C.D.C. Data and Faulty Assumptions Endangered Children’s Health in the Nation’s Capital.” It confirmed many of his allegations, but the experience was for Edwards a decade-­long ordeal that turned him into a reluctant activist — or as he prefers to say, “a troublemaker.”

For television appearances, Edwards will put on a suit and tie, and the tie almost always bears a picture of some endangered animal: a giant panda, for instance, or a water buffalo. But on the morning we met, in his lab at Virginia Tech, he was dressed in a black track suit and a pair of running shoes — the uniform he prefers. At 52, he has the youthful yet slightly skeletal good looks of an avid long-­distance runner, which he is. “Before Flint, I was running 50 miles a week,” he told me. “Now I’m down to 27.” Running keeps him sane, he says, or at least saner than he would be otherwise. More than once during his investigations into D.C. and Flint, he wondered if he might be losing his mind.

“Before D.C.,” he told me, “I think I was a normal professor.” In the sciences, normal professors with tenure do not maintain websites on which they publish incriminating emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Or habitually refer to unethical bureaucrats as “pathological lying scumbags.” Or allude frequently to Orwell’s “1984,” Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism” and Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” an 1882 political drama about polluted water contaminating the profitable baths in a Norwegian town. Of his fellow tenured scientists, a normal professor doesn’t say things like, “We are the greatest generation of cowards in history.”


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    1. It could get to be trendy. The corruption within our scientific community, ESPECIALLY as they relate to alphabet soup astounding and obvious.

      It is no longer a "conspiracy"

  2. The website of the testing


  3. Never understood why lead was allowed in pipes, paint, etc.
    (well, except for the money to be made, that's it.)
    " 1887

    US medical authorities diagnose childhood lead poisoning


    Child lead poisoning linked to lead-based paints


    France, Belgium and Austria ban white-lead interior paint


    Pediatric lead-paint poisoning death from eating crib paint is described


    National Lead Company admits lead is a poison


    League of Nations bans white-lead interior paint; US declines to adopt


    Report concludes eating lead paint chips causes physical and
    neurological disorders, behavior, learning and intelligence problems in


    Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act passed


    Lead-based house paint banned"


  4. " By Ron Fonger |
    on August 17, 2016 at 5:04 PM, updated August 18, 2016 at 10:43 AM"
    "FLINT, MI -- Preliminary examinations for the first state employees charged with crimes for their roles in the Flint water crisis can move ahead after a Genesee District Court judge denied a motion that would have required prosecutors to file more detailed allegations."


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