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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Beast, Carol Marcus, Lobbying For Much More Radiation. And She is Butt Ugly, Angry at the World, And Now She Takes Her Revenge

Only 3 comments to an NRC proposal to keep and actually strenthen radiation protections. The comment frmo NEI was actually balanced, and fair lobbying. Then this radiation oncology doctor, Carol Marcus, chimes in with complete lies. See her picture below. A new hypothesis was introduced at the Daily Sheeple today, it went like this:
So many ugly women now in charge of alphabet soup agencies, and they are horrible people. Hypothesis: the Deep State did some psychology tests, and found that if you take an ugly woman (feels she never got treated properly and queenly by men and society overall) and give them some power to control people, they will also do anything you ask them to do as "part of the job"


  1. She is a doctor and is supposed to firstly "do no harm".


    1. She gets her joy by dosing people with radiation and calling it medicine. Shame Shame

  2. She got an award this year and has long had govt agency connections:
    "Throughout her career she has been active in government affairs, serving as Chair of the Government Relations Committee of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and of the American College of Nuclear Physicians for many years and being a member or Chairman of advisory committees at the FDA, NRC, and U.S. Pharmacopoeia."


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