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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Defective Nuclear Reactor Vessels Are Actually Quite Common

Guest Article from "Lot's Wife"

How did Le Creusot Forge evade detection of its defective components for more than two decades? What accounts for the chronic failure of the French and European nuclear-regulatory agencies, along with the UN watchdog IAEA, to properly inspect key parts for the world’s biggest nuclear reactors? Did defective steel have a role in innumerable accidents and leaks at nuclear plants in Japan, Britain, France and the United States? Is endemic bribery of high-ranking politicians and state bureaucrats by the energy industry at the root of a blanket cover-up of radioactive releases and equipment breakdowns at nuclear stations worldwide?

While the quick answers are obvious to anyone who’s not a nuclear apologist on the secret payroll, further exposure of the ugly details is important toward breaking the code of silence that grips the nuclear sector and large utility companies along with their political flunkies, who together comprise a nuclear mafia that operates exactly like an organized crime family. - See more at:


  1. "nuclear apologist"? "secret payroll"? Cmon. Take the red pill. No apologies required for nuclear.

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