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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Do Dams Cause Earthquakes? Very Likely, But What is the Risk to Benefit


Dam Dams and Rotational Speed.  

Give me the
  1. mean vertical center of mass, in terms of feet to where the prior river used to lay, 
  2. and the volume of the water body, 
  3. and the lattitude.

For all the biggest dams in the world.

I can do that calc in a few hours, especially if the data is provided in spreadsheet form to start with.   

For sure the Dams have had some effect to slow the earth down, but is it .000001 Seconds per year, or is it 1 or 5 seconds a year.  

The calculations would tell us that.

But I need someone else to come up with the data, and share the work load.

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