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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Earth Tilt and Earth Magnetism and Sun Magnetism Combined 40,000 Years Ago to Change the Earth

But the angle is not constant - it is currently decreasing from a maximum of 24 degrees towards a minimum of 22.5 degrees. This variation goes in a 40,000-year cycle.

Peter Huybers of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Carl Wunsch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have compared the timing of the tilt variations with that of the last seven ice ages. They found that the ends of those periods - called glacial terminations - corresponded to times of greatest tilt.
Stock here, really?   with no lag time?   An instantaneous change?   Hmmm, that seems very odd to me, the planet is a massive heat sink.    

Those with a brain know that there is about a 30 year lag time on the Sun magnetism effect on cosmic ray nucleation of clouds and thus global temperature change, just to create a "Dalton Minimum", much less a "Maunder Minimum" which was much more severe are basically, changed "civilization"  

Also, about 38,000 maybe 42,000 years ago, there was a north to south pole shift.   This degrades the Earth Own magnetic field, which is a protection from cosmic gamma rays, in addition to our Star's own magnetic field and shield.    

About the same time a massive increase in amount and quality of "Cave Art" the last remnants of what those now "cultures" were doing that is apparent to us.     Indeed a gamma ray blast lasting maybe thousands of years succeeded in an real positive change to mankind, and perhaps you could call it the start of civilization.  A mutation that worked, only out of a million or more actually work.

Was it the tilt, or the magnetic pole shift gamma ray blast.   Hmmmm tilts happens on a regular basis....but both of them together...maybe that was it.

BTW this is a hypothesis created by yours truly.     stock out.     Take the Red Pill and open up your mind.   Those that want to enslave you forever, want your mind only filled with standard education and the mass media.    And their surveillance of the internet so they can see how effective their propaganda is.   

You got it now?   Give me a high 5 in the comment section.  

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