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Monday, September 12, 2016

Gut Health and Strong Immune System AND Thyroid Function Are Determined by Proper Bacteria

I have thousands of Raspberries coming ripe.    And I harvested all the Rhubarb, made a big pie and 15 pints of Rhubarb and Strawberry Jam.   Put both those on top of some pro-biotic homemade yogurt.

Now that is a real breakfast treat. 

One of the best ways to fight the negative effects of our toxic environment is to have a strong immune system.   That is why I am encouraging people to really look into this.

1) Control your food supply as much as you can
2) Don't use preservatives, use fermentation to preserve foods
3) Consume some pro-biotic foods daily

I have been doing a daily regimen for several months, I start my day like this, as the Espresso machine pressures up.

2 Tablespoons Real Honey
2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother, not pasteurized) washed down with a quick chaser of lemon water.

It kind of kick starts your system, but there is another great side start your day thinking about being healthy.

Let me know what you think
70% of the immune system derives from the Gut
If you have improper types or amounts of Gut Bacteria, you are going to have problems.

Read here

The gut-bacteria-thyroid connection

One little known role of the gut bacteria is to assist in converting inactive T4 into the active form of thyroid hormone, T3. About 20 percent of T4 is converted to T3 in the GI tract, in the forms of T3 sulfate (T3S) and triidothyroacetic acid (T3AC). The conversion of T3S and T3AC into active T3 requires an enzyme called intestinal sulfatase.
Where does intestinal sulfatase come from? You guessed it: healthy gut bacteria. Intestinal dysbiosis, an imbalance between pathogenic and beneficial bacteria in the gut, significantly reduces the conversion of T3S and T3AC to T3. This is one reason why people with poor gut function may have thyroid symptoms but normal lab results.


  1. Great advice, stock. Rebuilt my immune system, post-Lyme, on similar regimen to yours. Began with the GAPS diet, progressed from there. Had terrible gut dysbiosis & now doing pretty well.

    1. Great, we need to get smarter and develop tools and methods to fight the Toxic environment the nukists are creating. Along with the Bayer / Monsanto team....Monsanto creates the disease, Bayer gets paid to "treat" the disease. Sheesh.


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