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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hillary's Image Does Not Appear in Cell Phones That Are Filming Her -- Why Would They Photoshop This

Watch the video, in the second part, after Hillary's fall and drag into van episode, she was reported to take 4 days off.    When she returned, this filming as a presentation, is more than odd.

The film shows people holding their phones up to take pictures or video.   But their cell phones don't contain images of what is in front of them.   And they certainly don't show Hillary as she purportedly walks to the podium.    It's odd.  

Especially after her fall and reports of her death.
Hillary is not a sociopath. I am a sociopath spotter. She has real emotions, not fabricated emotions. Actually she has extreme emotions, cackling, something wrong, but not sociopathy. Sociopaths are excellent liars because they feel no guilt, they don't telegraph their lies. And they also don't get stress from lies or hurting other people. But Hillary does lie and hurt other people, for her greed and ambition and power trip, but it costs her dearly in real stress--she is not protected like a sociopath. Check it out, drop a comment

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