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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hot Dogging Vietnam Vet Pilots and a Huey Adventure Ride

We heard there was some Veterans thing going on.   Then this morning I heard a helicopter nearby, which is unusual.   

Then a Huey went chopping over G2

We decided to go to the Veterans deal and see what was going on.

I took this picture, wait!  That means I was in the Huey!   WithWifey

Yes that is my leg during a steep bank

They skimmed the trees pretty close, when they went past G2 I thought they were maybe only 100 feet up maybe 150

Did I mention….there are no doors!

Pumpkin Farm Maze near our house

Perennial farm by the house

4 crew and 6 passengers, only about 120 people got to do the Huey ride
In the detailed picture, there is actually holy hill in the background.

I keep promising those detailed pictures, this one Milwaukee in the background

Pilot Flying back to end the adventure


  1. stock, the man with many adventures. That must have been an awesome flight.

    1. Ya it was $100 each to a 501C3 historical society, and will remember that trip my whole life.

  2. Replies
    1. Ya, got a "garden article" coming up, taking today off from real work.


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