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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Japanese Take US Terror Very Seriously -- Issues Alert to All Japanese Citizens in USA and Who Might Go to USA

This is Goole translate.    It does a horrible job of translating from Japanese to English.

But you can mostly understand what they mean.


Subject: Announcement of safety from standing Chicago Consulate
Occurrence of stings incident in Minnesota St. Cloud City in the shopping mall
17 (Saturday) at around 8 pm, Crossroads-shot of Minnesota St. Cloud cityA man with a knife one after another stabbed around the shopper, et al. At ping mall, at least9 people were injured. The man who carried out the crime, was shot and killed a police officer at the scene.
Some news organizations, criminal, but have reported indicating that the combatants of IS, the relationship between the incident and terrorismThe including, for details of the incident, it is the current police authorities during the investigation.
In addition, the same day (17 days) night, New York City, Manhattan District 23-chome, Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue ofDuring the explosion trash in the streets of (Chelsea district), according to the announcement of the local fire authoritiesIf, at least 29 people were injured. In addition, the same day in the morning, New JerseyIn Seaside Park of the marathon race venue, incidents pipe bomb will explode is issuedIt has none.
It is proposed, placed in everyone of Japanese residents and travelers, and consideration of the above situation, terrorismSo that and not get caught up in unexpected incidents, as well as attention to the latest security information, shoppingPing mall and the airport, so stay away as much as possible to the many gathering place of people, such as stationplease. Unavoidably When you visit such a place, and pay attention to the surroundingsTogether, when in contact with a suspicious situation, efforts to ensure safety, such as promptly leave the placePlease give me.
As a precaution before traveling overseas, family and friends, tell your contacts in the schedule and travel destination in the workplace, etc.Please then to put so. 3 months better to stay or more, Hisage always prepare for emergency residence reportPlease put out.Residence report
In addition, at the time, such as travel and travel less than three months, from time to time information about the safe during your stay abroadSo that the received take, please register in the "Tabi cash register".Tabi register
======================================<Standing Chicago Consulate General>Tel: 312-280-0400FAX: 312-280-9568

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