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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jay Cullen Responds to One Of My Emails to One of His Researches


  1. Its good he responded. You might not like the final answer.

  2. So Sarah was like "Wow this guy is emailing some non politically correct viewpoints, what should I do Jay?"

  3. I think its Loosy who might not like the final answer... like he doesnt like that we remember facts he denied for so long.. "no meltdowns occurred", "there are no ongoing criticalities", and "No one has been injured by Fukushima radiation"... The final answer is this: there were at least three meltdowns, they cannot stop the coriums from fissioning, and there are at least 7 dead US sailors with more to come and MANY MANY excess thyroid cancers... Love (to hate) u loosy, keepin the trollin ball rollin on the same path of lies no matter what facts come your way.

  4. I never said no meltdowns. Criticality is keff > or equal to 1. If you have to ask whats keff, you dont understand basic nuclear chain reactions. I think you confuse subcritical fission, which happens in the earth, with criticality.

    There is no specific evidence without confounders. Could have been chemical.

    I think you realize Fukushima, if thats about as worse as it gets, still didnt kill anyone

    Keep the tye dyed shirt on.

    1. Lucey "those dirty hippies will be in the cold and dark"

  5. I know the final answer. Diehard antinukes will never accept the proper science. They are too much entrenched in the no safe dose meme, while mans contribution to the radiation budget is only 0.1% of all radiation sources.

    Better not breathe the air.


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