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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Natural Radiation is Pretty Harmless, ManMade Radiation Is Extremely Dangerous

Hilarious!  At ENENEWS there are often trolls sent from the $1.4B nuke cartel fund to promote itself.    They have tried various tactics over the years, but have mostly succeeded in creating more activists via disgust with their blatant lies.   Now there is a program of "radicalizing" good posters to attack those with the highest level of thinking on the subjects.   

CodeShutdown has a simple point--man-made radiation can be extremely dangerous and harmful to living systems.

Whereas natural radiation is mostly pretty harmless, has excellent repair mechanism in place for when it is needed, and may even serve a useful function.    I focus on K40.  K is a primary fertilizer, and basically occurs everywhere in living systems. 

There is other natural radiation such as uranium that we would rarely come into contact with if the nukists would just leave it in the ground, and that is very harmful not just as radiation but as heavy metal.   Radon, a daughter product of Uranium is a gas and alpha emitter, and can be very harmful, but it is simplistic to protect ourselves if necessary with a radon system.  Radium in water can also be quite harmful, but it is also simplistic to treat that with a water softener and an RO system, which you should have for multiple reasons.

The nukist uses our ignorance to promote their "art" by pretending that the danger can be expressed as a "dose model" using calculations based upon "energy deposited" often compared to "into a bag of water" regardless of the specific bio-accumulation into specific and sometimes multiple organs and the con-current chemical toxicity which often have a large negatively synergistic effect.    This is the primary lie of the nukist, of course there are many more.  

Even only a handful of people on this site can see and understand this lie.   Thus the earth was lost.

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  1. At this point the Nuke industry needs an accountability coach, one with the likes of Vince Lombardi, Mike Ditka, Navy Crew Chief and an Army Drill Sergeant. A person with no filter that sifts through the debris, where the only interest is moral morale, for the entire ship.


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