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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Organic Garden -- Set 3


  1. Nice to do clean eating and grow your own food. However when you do claim its nontoxic you need to consider the ground, water, and air. Many times we think we are being healthy when our soil and water are laced with contaminants and heavy metals we would not know of beforehand. Growing in a greenhouse may abate some concerns. Going to grow hops for my homebrews.

    1. Nice, I was BBQing with a guy all his friends call the "meister brewer" and I mentioned that I would be starting a hops trellis next spring.

      Water here is from well, good hydrodynamics and not anything like upstream except excess fertilizer, but not seen in any test to this point.

      I cannot control air, nor would a greenhouse help that.

      Ground is everything known for at least 3 compost or known compost. Now mostly my own "homebrew".

      For sure, you can taste the health...feel it as you eat it....this is what I need feeling.

  2. Looks like a good garden, stock. Spread out and various plants. I don't know what some of those herbs are. And a water well!

    1. Ya, own water is good. Well pump went out a month ago, had to ramp up knowledge, find suppliers, and fix in less than 2 days. Saved about $1500 to $2500 compared to going to a contractor.


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