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Monday, September 5, 2016

Organic Garden --Set 6


  1. Lookin' good, Stock! Have you considered growing green manures between your plantings?

  2. this set of search returns on green cover crop chop & drop provides the how, why and what of green manures - I know you have water issues, so look for drought tolerant green cover crops that you can cut and drop back down - the practice helps preserve moisture, builds up the soil, creates habitat for beneficial insects and feeds the veggies and fruits. You should try daikon and mustard to start then throw in some clovers (clover holds up well with being walked on so you could grow in the spaces between your planted areas) - these plants are dynamic-accumulators and when put back on the soil will release nutrients. Within one year you will see a huge difference in soil quality and water retention and insect management. This article discusses "Masanobu Fukuoka, who used cover crops to revegetate desertified, broad-acre landscapes. (Check out his book Sowing Seeds in the Desert.)"

  3. I forgot, cover crops help repress weeds. Rye grass in particular puts off a chemical that stops seeds from sprouting when chopped/dropped. I'm using lolium multiflorum successfully - chop & drop before it goes to seed, or, some areas, let it go to seed to perpetuate seed production. It's a really nice, soft, sweet grass - good for lying on.

  4. and Comfrey - it reseeds a lot, keep cutting it before it flowers... withstands drought, prolific leaf production, great for chop/drop.


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