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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Politics and Statistics -- An Independent an Unbiased Online Poll for the Presidential Race

There is also a poll in the side bar, Vote on either one, I will tally them up and present statistics later.

Your Choice For President?

So running some stats on these minimal sample size results can tell us something.   Of course the wild card is that the readers of this site are much more likely to be Red Pill Takers, much more likely to see through the lies and deceptions.    So this is NOT a cross section of the USA.

Some polling resources


  1. No doubt The Foundation being interested primarily in chaos , war and strife found more important areas to invest, arming ISIS would be a high priority .

    1. Indeed, the purveyors of chaos, the new normal, must fund it. Soros, and his legacy

    2. Come over to the deplorable side..


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