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Friday, September 9, 2016

Reality We Must Accept Fossil Fuels Now -- Or We Will Get Nuclear for Generations

Part of a conversation at ENE

To clarify, we must accept Fossil Fuels, WHILE we rapidly build out solar PV everywhere!

So why not look at the data? Last time we had an En Nino 1988 I was painting a house for my father after finishing my Masters at Michigan… almost 100 degrees every day…. literally wearing a backpack with ice in it to cool me as I worked on his house.

Here is my data, which I gathered in 2014 before they jiggered it for the Paris Climate Conference. 

We just finished an El Nino, temperature seems hot right?   It was a brutally hot summer in my neck of the woods, like the tail end of the last El Nino.

If you don't understand that almost all scientists are now lying, then I ask you to step back and take a real look. Look at GMO's, look at Roundup, and tell me that basically all scientists that are the most important to our lives and healthy are not lying through their teeth… think about that and then tell me that, with a straight face. I don't think you can. So why would climate science not also be lying--- the data I own says they are clearly lying.

I bought into the lie until I analyzed the data myself!

Sheesh WAKE UP.

There is some climate change going on…..BUT it is mostly NOT caused by mankind. Your inability to see what is really going on, the SUN, is causing your efforts to play directly into the hands of the nukists.

Yes we should reduce use of fossil fuels, but unless you accept fossil fuels in the interim, you will get NUKE, which will last for 70 to 100 years because of the initial cost, and they WILL BUY the politicians to make it last.

And there will be 1 or 2 or 3 more Fukushimas, and that is my estimate….2 or 3 more Fukushimas and WE ARE ALL TOAST, NOT JUST THE HUMANS.


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