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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We Suspected the EPA was Corrupt -- Subpoenad Documents Now Prove It - Nuremberg Trials

Why is this so important?    Well it's one step in exposing the corruption that has become indelibly intertwined with our Federal Government, and this ALSO plays directly into the NWO takeover of the world via "Climate Laws" <which are nothing more than energy control and wealth transfer schemes>, and Trade Agreements <which let the globalists increase their control and wealth by allowing them to sell any crappy or dangerous thing that they have to sell.  

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As regards EPA’s greenhouse gas rules, one of which faces a major challenge next Tuesday before the full D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, these emails show how EPA, rather than using its own experts to craft a rule in the public interest, chose to allow outside groups to draft its core foundations.  Outside activists — who this report shows one senior EPA official, a political appointee, even agreed to raise money for in what would be a thoroughly unethical use of appointed office — drafted and provided their proposed key elements of the plan, and other comments to EPA officials, on the officials’ private email accounts. The report details the correspondence and how those outside special interest groups were allowed to produce EPA’s GHG “Options memo”.
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