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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why The Boiling Water Reactor for Nuclear Power Is A Very Poorly Designed and Dangerous Machine

stock here: this is a 9 part series, but you can skim it and get a good idea of the extent of the problems.    Having these on planet earth is like playing Russian Roulette.

One awful problem with this article, they used a picture of a fossil fuel storage yard on fire in lieu of Fukushima on fire.


Troubled throughout its entire history, the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant at Hanford, Wash., will turn 30 years old in 2014. The plant’s opening in 1984 was marred by the failure to complete four of its sister plants in what at the time was the biggest municipal bond default in the history of US capital markets, not to mention serious flaws in plant design, construction and plant management. Plant managers say these early defects were eventually corrected. But after surviving its initial problems, further mishaps propelled the plant into a lifetime riddled with maddening human errors, mechanical breakdowns and substandard (or worse) operating performances.
Part 1
By Paul Koberstein
and Robin Klein
A review of the plant’s 30-year record by Cascadia Times reveals that Columbia Generating Station today is one of the most dangerous nuclear power plants in America, if not the most dangerous, based on its poor safety and environmental record compared with the rest of the industry, and the deteriorating condition of some key components. It has settled into a mode of mediocrity and complacency. This series of reports will present evidence for this conclusion. ‘

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