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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Airplanes Carrying Nuclear Bombs or Nuclear Waste Have Crashed in the Past -- Incredible Hubris Says Dont Worry, Now Its Safe

Greenlandic Foreign Minister Vittus Qujaukitsoq called the study's finds "worrying" and pledged to establish who would be responsible for the clean-up. Previously, the former Greenlandic government requested a report on the environmental Camp Century from Copenhagen, yet did not receive any assessment.

Subsequently, both Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen and the US Department of Defense promised to cooperate in close dialogue to address mutual security concerns. Since establishing which country would be responsible for the cleanup seems a tricky task, the US and Denmark may renew their environmental cooperation in Greenland after having previously cleaned up a site where a US B-52 strategic bomber had crashed in 1968. The bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs fell near the Thule air base, which is located some 240 kilometers from Camp Century.

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Interestingly, the story that this quote is from is about an old military base, crafted into the ice.

It was a pretty neat "base" complete with a nuclear generator.   The cost was $7.9 million in 1959.   They even had a backup diesel generator for if the nuke plant had to shut down.    They even had a Husky!

Surprisingly, not a single picture of the Husky can be found on the internet, LOL.  That would have been the highlight of the whole expedition

Amazingly, there has not been a single piece of radiation monitoring information from the USS Reagan, yet this primitive camp has exceedingly detailed radiation monitoring.   Hmmmmmm



  1. Data shows trivial amount. What these people do is trudge out any info and say "see look here". So what? You know more people have died in air travel disasters than nuclear, and that includes people on the ground, in their homes.

    Risk = likelihood times consequences.

    Your data shows both likelihood AND consequencws low.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Nuclear containers are pretty robust.

  2. "Total less than background" enough said.


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