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Thursday, October 6, 2016

As Massive Cat 5 Hurricane Barrels At Florida, The Nuclear Plants Run Full Steam Ahead To Maximize Profit

As Massive Cat 5 Hurricane Barrels At Florida, The Nuclear Plants Run Full Steam Ahead To Maximize Profit

But they assure us that

"As a pre-caution, reactors will be shut down at least two hours before the onset of hurricane force winds," Duke's Catherine Butler told CNBC. She noted that nuclear plants are engineered to withstand severe weather events.

Amazingly, there is not a single picture of Ms Butler on the internet, I looked.   Noted though....she is the "Financial Communication Consultant" I wanted to see if she has that typical sociopath look.

Oh wait I found her on Linkedin

And her boss, also not bad on the eyes.   Hmmmmm, prior to being the top "communicator"  for a nuclear plant, she was a strategist for propaganda for State Farm Insurance.


  1. Public interface workers usually are pretty people for obvious reasons. They major in communications not science and engineering. So why are thou protesting too much? Just deal with it.

  2. These ladies probably think someone creeping around their linkedin page is sociopathic. Dude, just go to or some other site.

    1. It is sad. The nuke industry is getting smarter in their propaganda. Enticing pretty ladies, with a high salary, to come into the fold, and then lie through their teeth to support an industry that produces horrible genetic damage and birth defects.

      Yes that is a shame.

    2. As usual, you are completely missing the point.

    3. Its not the nuclear industry exclusively. Its ALL indistry. What industry hires an Abe Vigoda clone with ear hair to be their public face?

    4. Its not proven the industry produces the effects you mention. You only need to look at their workforce for a vertical slice of health. Ive known dozens of women that work at nuclear plants that delicered healthy babies.

      Alot of what you spout is posturing without any shred of evidence. Youve built your case on a house of cards. You need real hard evidence to prove your claims. I havent seen it.

    5. The epidemiological evidence is solid. The theories of damage are solid. You lie to protect your industry.

      Get a real job, do something useful. Want to learn solar?


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