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Thursday, October 6, 2016

As Matthew Churn Into Florida at up to 170 MPH, Nuke Plants Refuse to Shut Down, Rollling the Dice for More Profit

Turkey is still rolling!

Moderator commented on Hurricane Matthew and the NRC.
in response to stock:

Isn’t the rule to shut down nuke plants in the path of a hurricane? So which nuclear plants in the possible path are now shut down? the cooler they are, the better, in my book

Only St. Lucie is shutting down unless something changes. Most plant procedures call for shutting down a certain number of hours prior to the onset of winds of a designated strength, although there is some variation in the exact specifications from site to site.

At St. Lucie, Unit 1 was already shut down for a refueling outage and Unit 2 began shutting down this morning and should be shut down by this evening.

Roger Hannah


Sung to "Proud Mary" from Credence Clearwater Revival

Left a good job in the City
Working for the Nukist Every Night and Day
and I never lost one dosimeter reading

Trolling, Trolling,
Trolling on the river

Big Wheel keep on turning
Turkey Point Nuke just keeps on Burning
As Matthew comes a Churnin'
Gotta keep those nukes still earnin'

Trolling, Trolling
Trolling on the River

If you come down to the Nuke Plant
Bet you gonna find some nukists that lie
You don't have to worry, if you got no honey
Nukists at the Turkey knows it leaks like a sieve

Steam turbine keeps on rolling
Using heat from a nuclear burnin'
Trolling, Trolling
As Matthew comes in Churning!

Trolling, Trolling, Trolling on River
WIPP Lying Arse Tammy, I just can't forgive her
stock out


  1. Nuke plants survived Katrina. These plants arent made of wood or straw. Design basis hurricane is 10x Katrina.

    People will need electricity during the recovery phase.

    You think nuclear plants should shut down for events well below their design basis?

    1. Loss of offsite power?
      Their own substations shorting out via salt spray?

      Rolling the dice, sliding on lies.....shame shame

    2. Losd of offsite power is an accepted contingency
      When was the last time you read a plant tec specs? Its common knowledge at public libraries.

    3. But when loss of offsite power is almost a certainty, prudence would say to cool your loose nukes down well in advance. It's greed when they trot out the pretty "financial communications" gal to justify their greed.

    4. So Matthew came and went and not one nuclear plant damaged. And 2.5 million went without electricity and people died. Your priorities are out of whack.

      What are you going to do when Clinton enables more nuclear?

  2. Stock, you're a lyricist to? 'Trolling on the River' that's deserving of a copyright.

  3. There's no reason to shut them sown. They were designed to withstand a hurricane 10x Katrina.

    1. Greed. We don't need another sacrifice zone.

  4. People died from this storm as they did the tsunami. No adverse radiation exposure to people outside the plant. You missed the mark. Again

    1. You trot them all out, predictably. The "Tsunami" deflection.


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