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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Early Nuclear Propaganda -- Standing Under A Nuclear Bomb

5 men stand under nuclear bomb.

This stunt was pulled to prove to Americans how safe nuclear was.   It was a lie then, it is a lie now.

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"my only that everyone couldn't be out here at ground zero with us" 


  1. A confusing premise. Nuclear what? Weapons? Energy? The Atomic Age did not leave humanity in ruins. When you say "nuclear" surely you need to specify. Steam kills. Yet it also is useful. Every yin has a yang.

    1. Steam does not have the capacity to cause harm hundreds or thousands of years after an "event" nor does it corrupt DNA.

    2. At the height of atmospheric testing of atom bombs, the last great president was murdered by the "secret societies" that Kennedy was trying to expose. Now we have said secret societies openly trying to steal the presidency.

      Shame on you.

    3. GR I lost colleagues that were scalded at a steam plant. They were in a lunchroom when the reheater blew up and sent 900 deg F steam through rhe HVAC.

      Radiation has to be of a significant level to overtake the DNA repair mechanisms. On average we lose 10,000 DNA strands a day from all kinds of sources. Nuclear is a weak carcinogen compared to chemical. The one stray atom causing cancer meme isnt science. But Ive read enough of your posts to understand you have no formal training in this subject.

    4. "Secret societies". Do I detect a bit of conspiracy theory here? Nonstarter.

    5. Just ask Kennedy about those secret societies. Look at the fact someone like Hillary even has a chance to be president. They are that secret's the NWO, the globalists, and Hillary is their tool.

    6. I know about groups such as Trilateral Commissioner, Illumnati, CFR, Builderbergers, Skull and bones, sure. They are more about social,and power. But to the extent they manipulate nuclear is poppycock. Why? Because Harvard, Yale liberal arts grads dont know squat about nuclear tech. They couldnt sit in the classes, take the practicuums, do the heavy lifting as you say. They were groomed from birth to enter a different world. The real heavy lifting is done by rhe real nuke pros, not the bloggers, citizen scientists, or YouTubers that spout lies.

      If you believe the world is just a collection of avatars moving about at the whim of a few puppetmasters then I guess you can believe what you want. Doesnt make it real.

      Most call it delusional. Red pill time.

      Hello, McFly... anyone in there

    7. Lucey, shame shame, as usual you completely miss the point.
      1) These are not "social" clubs
      2) It is the nukist corps and the military/nuclear cartels that spend over !b a year, to lobby these people, to line their pockets. Its a big club, and you are just funding it. LOL

      Go lift a smattering of nuke lies, hope you are superman.

    8. There are no nuke "lies". Youve built a bizarro world where you believe right is left, up is down. It isnt the world I or any other reasonable, sane person lives. It starts with a belief that the laws of physics are out of whack. This Carrington event you say, well ask any power sysyems engineer what happens every 11 years.

      We live in a fragile world. Belief in a higher power assuages my concerns and I go on living.

      Youre paralyzed by fear, and things out of your control.

      You cant have 100% control. Thats whats really eating you.


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