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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Election Polls, Online Versus Those Run By Mainstream Media, Trump Clearly The Choice

Every online poll that I have come across has shown Trump clearly winning over Clinton, usually by at least double the votes.

Sometimes more like 80% Trump 10% Clinton. Is this just sampling bias? Does the Democratic "power base" not have computers or phones? Well they must have phones because that is how most surveys are done.

Huffpost, an astonishingly Liberal (Democratic) Online new did a poll using Survey Monkey. Clinton had about a 3 point lead. But consider that 96% of all Huffpost readers are going to be Democrats.

So that is not a strong indicator for Clinton.

Here is one polling site that is always open

Listed here are some other presidential and other related polls you can check out online. Most provide some very interesting information about the 2016 presidential race.
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Real Clear Politics | Provides an entire list of polls you can follow, with a very deep pool of statistics for each poll that really lets you see a detailed breakdown of voters and issues.
270 To Win | Shows you 2016 polls of possible match-ups between a Democratic and a Republican contender.
Huff Post Pollster | From the Huffington Post; shows the results from a variety of presidential polls on a week to week basis.  The combination of charts and tables makes it easy to follow your candidate’s progress.
Ballotpedia | Nicknamed “The Encyclopedia of American Politics”, it provides you with national public opinion polls for both parties, as well as 2016 election issues, information about the individual candidates, and post-debate analysis of the candidates’ performance.
Rasmussen Reports | In the business of public opinion polling since 2003, Rasmussen releases daily reports and polls with regards to the current standings of the candidates.
The Wall Street Journal | Provides a variety of graphics before and after each of the debates as well as an election calendar of upcoming events for each party.
Election Projection | This site has blogs, the latest polls, primary election schedules, backgrounds on each of the current candidates, and much more.

These charts speak for themselves

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