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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kelly Ann Thomas Rocks the Nuke Commission Blog With Truth

In response to a post of mine on ENE Kelly Thomas wrote up the hard hitting summary of the nuke cartel, posted on the NRC blog and I am reproducing it here.

Kelly Thomas September 5, 2012 at 11:01 pm
The only way you can “build a better platform to better serve the American people” is to create a platform that dismantles all nuclear power plants. How are you serving young Americans right now, the ones who will be forced to maintain these aging nuclear power plants once they have surpassed their lifespans? These plants have a 40 year shelf life, and most are expiring soon. Then what? Is it the responsibility of the next 5,000 generations to maintain these expired nuclear sites? How are you serving the American people by allowing these Extinction Level Event disasters to litter the American landscape?

Fukushima is already an ELE. Three of the cores have melted through the containment vessels and into the Earth. TEPCO says it doesn’t know where it is (NASA can easily spot it, but refuses to show the pictures to the public), but not to worry because they have everything under control and they have achieved cold shutdown. Never mind that pesky little leak or two and the Photoshopped image of #4, and please take our word for it that we are not killing the Pacific Ocean by continuously pouring waste to sea 24/7. Oh, and let’s pretend that the yellow cloud from the explosion at #2 was hydrogen, even though hydrogen burns white and the explosion was obviously plutonium. How sad that I know such a thing and the NRC doesn’t. We are facing the worst environmental disaster of humankind, a disaster that IS DESTROYING THE PLANET every passing second and the NRC is pushing for MORE nuclear power plants!

Do you guys have a death wish? Do you believe that Armageddon is around the corner, so what the hell, why not build more nuclear power planters because the world is going to end in some Dalisque radioactive landscape? How can you possibly keep a straight face while putting forth such useless garbage touting Obama’s “Open Government” (the biggest oxymoron in the world)? Has the NRC been open about the effects of radiation? Of course not.

You guys compare the radiation from Fukushima to that of a banana or a plane ride. You ignore the contamination of the US food supply. Meanwhile in Japan, THE CORIUM HAS MELTED THROUGH THE CONTAINMENT VESSELS! There is nothing underneath. The reactors are on a major fault line. This is a freaking disaster!!! If I can figure this out, why can’t the NRC? It is what is referred to as “The China Syndrome” to the common folk.

The fourth building is near collapse and when – not if – it does, it is “Adios!” to life on this planet. It’s already happening. The entire Northern Hemisphere has been contaminated by radiation and almost all of the food supply has been affected. There has been a huge spike in stillbirths, miscarriages and mutant babies in the Pacific Northwest and California. Seals are dying. Insects are dying. Plants are changing. The United States is doused in radiation and Radnet is…I am not sure where it is. Last I heard it was checking quarterly instead of daily. We do not know what the true levels of radiation are because this government isn’t an open government, no matter what your PR rep wrote.

I do not now what the solution is, but I know that nuclear energy is not part of the equation. Your new platform must rebrand the agency as the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency – and do it soon before the US and Japanese economies and governments collapse, because then there is no one left to fund the decommissioning of these reactors. And god forbid solar activity takes out part of the grid and these plants do not have enough energy to maintain hot and/or cold shutdown. But you guys probably have a plan for this, some super secret plan that does not fall within the parameter’s of Obama’s “Open Government,” right?

If the agency, employees and the PR shills who work for them collectively believe that nuclear power is safe and Fukushima radiation is just bananas, then I propose you put your money where your mouth is and have a little field trip to Fukushima – without radiation gear or even Geiger counter (because nuclear energy is SAFE!) – and eat everything grown in the Fukushima prefecture. You can put it live on YouTube for all to see! Or you could even do Pay-per-view – I think that it would be a revenue maker for the federal government!

I would pay to watch every GS-13 and up (if they are still called that) and every manager have a picnic outside of Fukushima Daichi (but don’t sit too close to #4 in case it collapses). Until you are willing to expose yourself to Fukushima (not that you haven’t been for a year and a half), I think you need to adopt a new platform that better serves Americans and dismantles all nuclear facilities.

I know that signing my name to this will likely put me on some sort of enemy list, if I am not already on one. So be it. At least the person in charge of my dossier will be forced to confront the reality of the situation and to realize just who it is they are serving when they collect their paychecks. At least I cannot be accused of committing a crime against humanity.


  1. Typucal ratfarmer. Totally ignorant to nuclear technology and the current innovations that render that rant moot.

    1. Calling concerned females rats, again? Shame on you.

  2. Female, male doesnt matter for ENE. Stupid site. Waste of bandwith. But i suppose amtinuclear zealots have to have a hater place. No free speecj there.

    1. ENE is dead now if you haven't noticed. And influx of trolls, plus the absence of an Admin.

      Ill be starting ENE-2, you will be welcome there.

  3. Maybe there could be good dialog without name callling and gang banging. Remember, Twighlight Zone episode. People take frustratiin and anger out on those that do not tout the party line. I cant engage peiple for fear of my familys safety. Some want to harm me, physically or professiinally. I like my annonymity. Alot of people at that site think their brand of nuclear science and radiation effects must be true. Case in point - TMI was 40 years ago. And no mass epidemics. Why is that? I know its not from rad. I know Chernobyl didnt cause a million deaths. No evidence exists to support that lunacy. You cant reason with the unreasonable. Id rather just continue our dialog. Its made me think about honing my message, what I want to say to the potential citizwn scientist. This work is not for everyone.

  4. The NRC would dismiss the ENE posts as typical hater rhetoric. The missive makes The Puppy Who Lost its Way (Billy Madison) look like Shakespeare. I award her no points.

    1. Exactly dismiss without even a reply, just label it and dismiss it.

      I see how the NRC plays it, as they try to be "inclusive" at their blog.


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