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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Norway Reactor Had Dangerous I-131 Radiation Leak on Monday, Covered Up Until Tuesday

This story aboves gives no indication of the amount released. Then they also play the Chernobyl card.
On April 26, 1986, an explosion destroyed a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl's Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Station in the former Soviet Union, now modern-day Ukraine. That incident is widely considered to be the world's worst nuclear catastrophe. Five million people still live on heavily contaminated lands there and hundreds of thousands of people are sick or suffering.
As if Norway's Reindeer needed more radiation in their environment.
Last September reindeer in VĂ¥ga reinlag AS, Jotunheimen, had readings of 8,200 becquerel per kilo of radioactive substance Caesium-137, according to Norway's The Local.

Remember this August 29th, when it was claimed that "lightning" killed 323 reindeer in Norway in a very inplausible story?     I ran it to ground and figured out the real story.   The reindeer, with weakened immune systems from eating radioactive lichens, could not fight off the Anthrax that is common in all environments.     They helicopters in a bunch of researchers who removed about 5 heads from the reindeer.    Not to check for lightning, to analyze for Anthrax.     Story here:
Seems like most media is fine with downplaying and distracting from radiation threats.
Radioactive iodine, also known as I-131, is used in small doses to treat thyroid cancer.
It has also been used to treat overactive thyroid disorders.

Radiation CAUSES Thyroid cancer, like the amount of kids in Fukushima with 550 times more thyroid cancer than normal.   My article here.    

Radiation does not "treat" a thyroid.   It destroys the thyroid.   The thyroid is very important, it regulates, among many things, your energy level.    It is awful living without a thyroid.    Shame on them.



  1. Out of circulation. Had back surgery today. I dont believe the dose rates were high enough to affect deer. Remember, the Sv unit only applies to humans. Best to use Gray here. 5 years wea are still in the acute deterministic effects time line.

    1. They weren't forthcoming with any specific release data, as usual.

    2. If there is nothing or trivial to report, then why ask for something to make a mountain out of a molehill? Antinuclear optics are always myopic.


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