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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Norway Shutting Down All It's Nuclear Reactors,

IFE chief Nils Morten Huseby claimed the staff cuts will not affect safety at the reactors. The Halden reactor was to be shut down immediately, while the Kjeller reactor is due to close in December. 


The Swiss are also wising up and shutting down 3 nukes next year, and abolishing the ability to build any more.

Oct 12 Swiss utilities Axpo, Alpiq and BKW have withdrawn their joint request to build nuclear plants, bowing to the Swiss decision to phase out nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster in Japan.The three companies said on Wednesday they had asked the government to cancel the framework request submitted in 2008 that was suspended in 2011 following the disaster.
"Today the market is a very different one and in the meantime policymakers have set the course for a future without nuclear power," they said in a joint statement.
While the government aims to phase out nuclear energy eventually, it said on Tuesday it opposed an initiative to be voted on next month that would shutter three nuclear plants next year.

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