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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Obama's Legacy - A tool of his own unsual upbringing, Using the "Slave Card" to Create a "Slave Class"

I had a thought in the shower this AM.    My best thoughts are in the shower, hence I keep a note pad in the bathroom.

Barry and Michelle have both heavily played the "slave card".   And in doing so they are creating and perpetuating a "slave class".    A class of peoples who believe they are owed something, regardless of whether they work or not, whether they deserve it or not, and dependent on Government handouts.

So in creating the NWO Slave Class, they have an army of easily deceived, easily manipulated people, easy and cheap to buy votes from, to perpetuate the ruling class' power and privilege.

A commentator said
Obama’s promise to the voters of Illinois went the same way as his presidential campaign pledges to, inter alia, offer a public option in health reform, to protect whistleblowers from prosecution, march alongside union members if their collective bargaining rights were threatened, end the Bush tax cuts to the rich and close down Guantanamo prison camp – abandoned in the face of powerful or wealthy opposition."

No I don't he think he abandoned them "in the face of powerful or wealthy opposition"

He was a "community organizer" out of the gate.  A black man (mulatto actually, who got beat up on 'kill haole day' in Hawaii) and carried a huge chip on his shoulder.   An unstable family.    A constitutional lawyer in Chicago (the second most corrupt place in USA after Hawaii) who was selected, and a willing participant, in the dismantlement of the USA classes that has both moral values and economic wealth...enough that those people had the time, motive, and ability, to withstand the changes that the NWO needed to take over sovereignty.

Mission accomplished.

1: First president to have Americas credit downgraded.
2: 40 million still uninsured.
3: Savings interest rates at an all time low.
4: Record number of people on food stamps.
5: Lowest work force participation rate in 60 years.
6: Rise of ISIS.
7: Let four Americans just DIE.
8: CD interest rates at and all time low.
9: Worst economic recovery of all time.
10: Wages down $4,300.00.
11: Record number of homeless people.
12: Arab Spring a failure.
13: letting Iran do research on nuclear weapons.
14: canceled the missile shield so Putin could invade Ukraine.
15: Reneged on a promise to protect Ukraine if they got rid of their nukes.
16: First president to lose a war after it was won.
17: 2014 GDP 1.4 percent.
18: First President to call Christians and conservatives and veterans terrorists
19: Brought the U.S. Navy down to pre WW2 Numbers
20 Obama gave nukes and $150 Billion to the #1 sponsor of
  terrorism in the world ...while they chant “Death to America”

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