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Monday, October 3, 2016

"The Calling" A Succinct Explanation of the New World Order / International Money Changer Cartel, and YOU

stock here: Its Getting a Little Too Obvious, isn't it folks? ----------------------------------------------------------


David Rockefeller "consumes" human hearts.    His desire to keep meddling with and ruling over the world has caused him to create a full on hospital capable of heart surgery at his own house in New York.     "Hey man, here's another 5 million, go get me a fresh heart, maybe go bribe that 40 year old non-smoker that is about to lose his house and can't afford to treat his wife with cancer and the 4 kids....see if he will take the deal.     He comes to my house, we take a fresh beating heart out for a quick clean transplant, and his family is set for life, including a trust fund for the kids"

Does that seem unlikely, or likely?

I guess he learned from Nelson Rockefeller's demise at the early age of 70......


  1. Wow, stock, you outdid yourself.

    1. Indeed, TY, so much can be discovered simply by applying intuition to other basic facts.

  2. Sounds like a Jude Law/Forrest Whittacre movie gone wrong. Come to think, Repo Men wasnt that bad.

    1. It is not mutually exclusive to be a nukist, and to also understand the ramifications and drives to a "New World Order"


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