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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Lies About Fukushima Disaster and the Cancers It Is Causing, is Causing Top Level People to Just Quit Rather Than Deceive and Damage People

Thyroid Cancer Skyrocketing in Fukushima, President of the Cancer Study Resigns Since They Want Him to Lie About Results 

Here's another who resigned. Maybe we should start a list

NHK's president quit after being told not to speak ill of nuclear industry

"Shinzo Kimura, 44, a radiation hygiene expert who resigned from his post at a research institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare when it prohibited an initial investigation into the disaster, and immediately went to work in the disaster area."
"[A Japanese government] adviser resigned during a tearful news conference in which he charged that the government was not adequately protecting the population from radiation. [...]

“I cannot allow this as a scholar,” said Mr. Kosako, an expert on radiation safety at the University of Tokyo. [...]"

Head of resource protection division in New Mexico resigned in 2011

When something goes terribly wrong, and subordinates previously resigned after warnings, the supervisors and everyone above that supervisor should be prosecuted with triple the punishment available had they not been warned.   


  1. list could include management changes & retirements at TEPCO itself... awhile back and for several years there were TEPCO reports in their JP language website with fairly long lists of personnel changes. Search in twitter: cecalli_helper personnel (or human resources or HR). Also, it'd be interesting to know how the health of those former employees is...

  2. Quoting Enenews is hardly scientific, hardly any glimpse of truth. Its a comedy and tradgedy in one site. Antinuclear rhetoric never ceases to amaze me with bafflegab from the ratfarm.

    1. Ah, that is what the nukists simply wipe away the truth as an adhominem.

      But the truth is that ENENEWS has always JUST quoted other news this from the New York Times, one of the articles above...

    2. Or this, cited above, from CBC

    3. And cited above, at ENENEWS

      Jun Hori, former NHK news announcer, Jan. 31, 2014: “NHK is scared of being criticized as antinuclear [...] NHK has become a place where it is hard to speak out against authority. This is unhealthy for democracy.”

      Yasushi Kawasaki, former NHK political reporter that teaches journalism at Sugiyama Jogakuen University, Jan. 31, 2014: “This is gross political interference [...] The Abe government has stocked NHK’s Board of Governors with friendly faces in order to neuter its coverage.”

      Kazuhiro Haraguchi, lawmaker, Jan. 31, 2014: “What I am worried about is that NHK will become loyalist media, become the public relations department of the government.”

    4. Those who are benefited by the "system" often become blind to the danger and evil of "the system", shame on the nukists!

    5. If ENE cites it, it must be truth. Not. Enenews has been exposed as anti uclear fear mongering. This begs yhe question, what is truth? Manbearpig had ut right. Young Students are usually filled with energy.

    6. he predatory political agenda behind the nuclear deal
      'In my mind, the current team at the Treasury stands between the predatory elite and the state coffers'


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