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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thyroid Cancer Skyrocketing in Fukushima, President of the Cancer Study Resigns Since They Want Him to Lie About Results

Fukushima thyroid test evaluation unit president resignation

Hokkaido Shimbun October 21 (Friday) 13 hour 30 minute delivery

"Effects of radiation are unlikely" to the question Fukushima thyroid test evaluation unit president resignation

Kazuo Shimizu--Who is the president of the Committee to study Cancer caused by Fukushima, submitted his resignation
"They wanted me to voice their opinion, which disagreed with my opinion, and the facts.

A member of the TEPCO Fukushima prefectural health research review committee that Fukushima Prefecture after the first nuclear power plant accident has been installed, Kazuo Shimizu presidents (Japan Thyroid Surgical Society before Chairman) of the Committee to assess the child's thyroid test, the study committee it was found that he had submitted his resignation 

We reported on this Thyroid cancer issue several times, and as expected as time goes on, the results just get worse.  

From initial results, we calculated that Thyroid cancer was occurring at 555 times worse than worldwide average.   Data is here, use data!


  1. A friend of mine has a daughter that went to Japan for college study. She said that the medical care in Japan was great. She said she and others are seen by a doctor very quickly, and results are given in a printout, and very thorough.

    I am sure the doctors there are proud of their work, and resent such political meddling in their diagnostics.

    The powers that be want to take people's life savings for providing treatment for cancers, and give the money to those who cause the cancers.

    If the treatment was paid for with money obtained by the patient successfully suing the nuclear polluters, the rich and powerful would lose the game. That's all it is to them.

    Good to see someone stand up and resist the corruption.

    1. Indeed, I was in Japan last spring. On the morning before a grueling 13 hour flight to Chicago from Nareta, I woke up with a "stomach flu" which I think was likely food posioning. First time I ever got food poisoning in Japan, and have spent about 95 days there total. Regardless I went to a walk in clinic less than a mile from where I was staying. The Doctor saw me, interviewed, he spoke some English, enough, and I had an interpreter with me. He suggested to confirm the diagnosis we should do an abdominal ultrasound. He said the girls up front could tell me the cost and then I could decide.

      Amazingly all they wanted was $80 for the initial visit AND the ultrasound. But I had to wait...a full 35 minutes! LOL. With 2 nurses present, he did a 4 organ ultrasound and a detailed discussion. He indicated no kidney or gallstones to be seen, which is nice to know.

      In the intestinal guts, large movements could be seen, confirming the "infection". He prescribed some strong antibiotics, and some pain killers, and advised detailed on drinking water and type of foods to eat and avoid. I got on the plane at 5PM and had no problems on the flight.

      $80. No insurance. Doctor spent at least 30 minutes with me. I could also tell he was very interested in "looking" at a large Gaijin (foreigner). At one point he exclaimed to my interpreter "Sugoi! These Gaijin really are quite different than Nihon-ji"

      stock out

  2. Here's another who resigned. Maybe we should start a list

    NHK's president quit after being told not to speak ill of nuclear industry

    "Shinzo Kimura, 44, a radiation hygiene expert who resigned from his post at a research institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare when it prohibited an initial investigation into the disaster, and immediately went to work in the disaster area."

    "[A Japanese government] adviser resigned during a tearful news conference in which he charged that the government was not adequately protecting the population from radiation. [...]

    “I cannot allow this as a scholar,” said Mr. Kosako, an expert on radiation safety at the University of Tokyo. [...]"

    Head of resource protection division in New Mexico resigned in 2011

    When something goes terribly wrong, and subordinates previously resigned after warnings, the supervisors and everyone above that supervisor should be prosecuted with triple the punishment available had they not been warned.

    1. TY Uni, thats a great idea too for an article. Point out all of the non-lying scientists and doctors, who rather than "you know how it works" lying to keep their job, would instead resign.

      How often would that happen in the USA

      Nuremberg type trials for the lying $cientists.

  3. Something fishy: Is Ariad Pharmaceuticals expecting more customers? $80,000 price hike for a year's supply of a drug that treats leukemia patients.

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