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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trumps Taxes -- Was It A Brilliant Way to Weasal Out, Or a VERY Basic Part of Business Tax Code


  1. Seems that your site has moved off nuclear topics to the NWO/conspiracy bent. Thats too bad. Because now it will be lumped in with all the other counterculture blogs. I know its election season. There is no way I am voting for a Clinton. Not after IFR. That being said, HRC is actually more friendly to nuclear than her husband. Trump is a free marketeer and could help peel back excessive regulation that has no value to safety.

    1. The reason the nuclear industry (civilian power) still exists is because of the big monied political interests that are taking bribes, accepting influence.

      Same boat as the NWO that is stealing the Dem selection process, now shutting down Assange because of the dirt he is showing.

      "Why don't we just drone this guy"

      Don't worry in a few weeks, we will be back on directly to nuclear education. Exposing truth.


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