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Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Twas The Witch of November Come Stealing" Richly Ambiguous

OK High Fives to the first one that can answer the original source of:

"Twas The Witch of November Come Stealing"

This polling source is easy to find.  Anyone looking for an online poll will find it.

amazingly, it is hard to find live online polls, although many poll results.    Seems Odd

A Soldier's Experience With Hillary

Eric Bonner, a military K9 handler, posted the following on his Facebook page. His comments have gone viral. His military working dog, “Suli,” sniffs for bombs .

"I’m not voting for Clinton. It has nothing to do with her views. It really doesn’t even matter about all the laws she broke. It’s because she actually talked to me once! Almost a sentence.

Being a K9 handler in the military, I got to do a few details involving distinguished visitors... mostly Generals, DOD officials and Secretaries of Defense. I was lucky enough to pull two awesome details... Presidents George W. Bush and Obama.

GWB looked at me and smiled, then he said, “Man, who would piss you off?” Then he high-fived me and continued on. I was climbing down from a catwalk I had stood on for 4 hours with nothing but dust and a radio to keep me company. The radio died early on. It was pretty sweet.
Barack Obama, as he was walking out to his plane in Turkey, said to me, “What the hell kind of dog is that?” in reference to Suli.

One of my last details was for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. She was in Turkey for whatever reason. I helped with bomb sweeps of her DV Quarters and staff vehicles. Her only words to me were, “Get that f---ing dog away from me!” Then she turned to her security detail and berated them up and down about why that dog was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes while I sat there waiting to be released, she laid into them, slamming the door in their faces when she was done. The security detail lead guy walked over to apologize and released me. I apologized to him for getting him in trouble. His reply was, “Happens every day, brother!”
Ever Notice this invasion ??
We are so asleep and in need of an awakening. Some of these things on the list are NOT "all of a sudden," but have been going on several years already. Some would have been unbelievable a few years ago.
Does anybody remember what and how things happened in Germany?
Think, all of this in less than 8 years.
Before Obama there was virtually no outlandish presence of Islam in America.
• All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. Christianity and the bible are banned in schools.
• All of a sudden we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools, airports and businesses.
• All of a sudden we must stop serving pork in prisons.
• All of a sudden we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by American culture.
• All of a sudden we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who or what is covered up under them.
• All of a sudden Muslims are suing employers and refusing to do their jobs if they personally deem it conflicts with Sharia Law.
• All of a sudden the Attorney General of the United States vows to prosecute anyone who engages in "anti-Muslim speech".
• All of a sudden, Jihadists who engage in terrorism and openly admit they acted in the name of Islam and ISIS, are emphatically declared they are NOT Islamic by our leaders and/or their actions are determined NOT to be terrorism, but other nebulous terms like 'workplace violence."
• All of a sudden, it becomes Policy that Secular Middle East dictators that were benign or friendly to the West, must be replaced by Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.
• All of a sudden our troops are withdrawn from Iraq and the middle east, giving rise to ISIS.
• All of a sudden, America has reduced its nuclear stockpiles to 1950 levels, as Obama's stated goal of a nuke-free America by the time he leaves office continues uninterrupted.
• All of a sudden, a deal with Iran must be made at any cost, with a pathway to nuclear weapons and BILLIONS of dollars handed over to fund their programs.
• All of a sudden America APOLOGIZES to Muslim states and sponsors of terror worldwide for acts of aggression, war and sabotage THEY perpetrate against our soldiers.
• All of a sudden, the American Navy is diminished to 1917 Pre-World War I levels of only 300 ships. The Army is at pre-1940 levels. The Air Force scraps 500 planes and planned to retire the use of the A-10 Thunderbolt close air support fighter. A further draw down of another 40,000 military personnel is in progress.
• All of a sudden Obama has to empty Guantanamo Bay of captured Jihadists and let them loose in Jihad-friendly Islamic states. He demands to close the facility.
• All of a sudden America will negotiate with terrorists and trade FIVE Taliban commanders for a deserter and Jihad sympathizer.
• All of a sudden there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans but there is endless money for Obama's "Syrian refugee" resettlement programs.
• All of sudden there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.
• All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do after a mass shooting by two Jihadists, is disarm American Citizens.
• All of a sudden, the President of the United States cannot attend the Christian Funerals of a Supreme Court Justice and a former First Lady because of previous (seemingly unimportant) commitments.

• All of a sudden the President of the United States won't attend the funeral of a flag-rank Officer (Gen. Greene) killed in action; he (Obama) played golf. But he sends a big delegation to Michael Brown's funeral. He sends only a minor delegation to Margaret Thatcher's funeral. He won't acknowledge Chris Kyle's murder but he'll fly the Flag at half mast for Whitney Houston.
• All of a sudden, I'm sick to my stomach. I'm not sure the majority of Americans recognize the seriousness of the situation and how much "progress" has been made by Islam these last 7 years, a very brief time compared to a 75 year lifetime!

All of a sudden....POOF! NO U.S.A!!!!
Please wake up Americans.
If Hillary wins... she will be a continuation of Obama..... Don't forget; in all probability she will appoint Obama to the Supreme Court!
What a disaster to "our America" as we have known it!!!
If you agree, be strong enough to at least forward this to a few friends.

The ENTIRE WORLD needs to wake up and UNITE to END the 1400 plus year old WAR Islam has had with some part of the world.
Did you hear that?
Since the SIXTH CENTURY, and this is the twenty-first century, they have been fighting to take complete control of the entire world.


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    1. I'm wrong, next! God bless the Fitz

    2. Dude, you nailed it so quickly!

    3. I waited long enough and by default I was correct but the real answer was the song by Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald. Little story, I've done video editing for some time now and worked 6 months on a clip when I first was interested in film. It was on the Fitz, it was in Nov when I started and the window was cracked and late into the night the wind started whistling high then low a real hunting sound. Looking out through the window to the East I could only think of the crew, then back to work to find all the names and faces. The work became personal after that night I found info I wish I didn't know. To this day I never published that work. GOD Bless the Crew of the Fitz. Many mean storms on the Great Lakes, the worst was 1913 killed more than 250 people,destroyed 19 ships 90 mph winds with 35 ft waves. Man I got goose bumps on my arms, I'll always remember the Fitz.

    4. Wow cool story and connection.

    5. Ya know what's cool? the Fitz took over the drama in what we're all experiencing today. Yet another good post from you. Love dogs, raised them for 40 years for hunting. On another note one of my deficiencies is spelling, the small story above 'hunting' should read haunting. Dear Google I mentioned this a year ago, how about a little help here as in comment editor. Thank You rightwiththeship.

      After writing that story I went outside to checkout the Super Moon we had, the wind was calm but yet the wind chime rang slowly simulating the old buoys just outside the break wall entering the harbor. I tell ya something, you get into the research of the Fitz she'll take you down deep, it just pulls ya in. Ghost Ship, if there ever was one.

    6. Oh ya, I know the Fitz pretty well, listened to all the old Coast Guard recordings and more.

      In the Ice Water Mansion

    7. Man you're there, welcome aboard mate and aye, you're a good soul.


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