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Friday, November 11, 2016

15 Point Action Plan -- First 100 Days in Office

I will be faxing this to Trump after a while.

If any of you have good ideas to add to this, write them up and add as a comment or email to me

0) Repeal pretty much every Executive Order that Obama created

0A) Clarify what "War" means in terms of needing Congressional Approval.    Make it much harder to engage in any military activity outside the USA.

0B) Create a phase out plan for the most dangerous of US Nuclear Reactors, all the GE Mark 1 similar to the Fukushima 3 reactors that blew up.

1) Restrictions on number and size of “mass media outlets” owned by one person or corporation (including their sub-corporation). Existing large holders of media operations to be broken up under anti-trust legislation.

2) Those who have our trust, and purportedly our best interests in mind, and that live on our dime, should be held to a higher standard. Those guilty of corruption in government or abuse of power shall be tried and held to 150% of the civil or criminal penalty that same crime would entail in the private sector. No government official allowed to pardon any other government official when being tried under these laws.

3) Break up the big banks, and separate all banks from brokerage firms

4) Reduce the allowable lobbying and political contribution limits to be $1000 per person, $3000 per corporation and have all contributions be posted on a public website within 1 week of receiving the money.

5) Ensure that scientists and researchers that are found guilty of publishing manipulated and false data, and that have done so using any type of publicly generated funds, be held accountable via means to be created, such as fines, removal from ability to publish any future works in the science realm, jailed as a criminal activity. Establish Nuremberg type trials, as the public for the most part must trust what these scientists state, and similar to 2) above, those living on “our money” shall be held to a higher standard. This includes, and especially so, those working at the EPA, CDC, NOAA, FDA, and other alphabet agencies.

6) Dry cask all existing nuclear waste, even if there is no existing repository for them, they can be stored on site until movable to a repository. About 10 metric tons per dry cask, and a material cost of around $1M per cask, along with labor and slabs to store them on, some security, call it $3M per cask. 77,000 tons currently in USA, so 7,700 casks needed. A $23B project cost of which about half would be a sustained shot in the arm to the AMERICAN concrete and steel firms, with the rest flowing to US workers, likely the ones with radiation experience who are being let go from the nuclear plants that are being retired.

7) Do not allow the “Big Utility” war on solar to proceed without a close review. Utilities across the nation are conducting a war on solar, primarily driven by the huge success of solar in Hawaii. They are using false models to justify what they have to pay to consumers with solar. Same 150% civil and criminal penalties on companies and individuals within those companies who use false means to promote themselves and conduct the war on solar. This includes anyone involved at any public utilities commission type organization that is supposed to regulate the utilities. Require 100% open financials and accounting records to justify all rate cases/payments for solar, to be reviewed by the AEE Association of Energy Engineers.

8) Harden the US electrical grid against a large CME or EMP. Cost of hardening, less than $2B

9) Start rebuilding America’s infrastructure, roads, bridges, park systems, utilities

10) Repeal Obamacare, create a fund of $400M to examine the “medical system” and root out inefficiencies, excessive profits, and waste. No longer allow Big Pharma to lobby Doctors and other medical personnel, no free skiing trips to educate the Doctors about the new drugs.

11) Conduct some serious food safety studies. Probably eliminate much GM/GE food products. Reduce usage of Glyphosate and it’s ilk. Require a 4 hour training program for anyone who using them, including homeowners. Enforce penalties for improper use.

12) Add to the Bill of Rights, clause of, You have the right to be a citizen of a Sovereign nation of the USA. Any type of law, regulation, trade agreement, climate change agreement, that gives other countries say so over how we conduct our affairs (non Sovereign control) shall be null and void.

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  1. why "$400M to examine the “medical system”" ? - I bet the frontline medical professionals and watchdog groups already have the data and reccomendations. Betting $400 million is far above what is required to get that job done.

    1. LOL my earlier comment got "scrubbed" somehow...even the admin gets bombed by Google sometimes.

      Bottom line...I just picked what they spent to make a dysfunctional website for Obama"care" $400M

    2. I just had a 50k back surgery. Why was it so much for outpatient? Because the paperwork touched too many hands. The biggest expense in the medical system is bureaucracy.

    3. I blame it on the health insurance "industry", 20% of GDP, that is insane. 5% would be amazingly high.

  2. None of your nuclear initiatives are noteworthy. Remember, Fuku MarkI was an A/E vulnerability to a beyond DB tsunami. Not a credible event in the US

    1. Fuku was a known problem with multiple human greed and arrogance mis-steps, starting with GE demanding they take down a mountain to build it at sea level instead of designing high head pumps. And then GE prez flies to Brazil with Obama as the plume drifts over America.

    2. GE Mark I at Fukushima an Architect Engineer issue. Not so much a reactor issue. Plant layout mattered. Not replicated anywhere else. Daini spared.

    3. Trump has his own agenda. You think heveryone gives a rats ass about anything else.

    4. Daini was not "spared", it was destroyed and came close to melting down.

    5. Oh I think everyone who visits here has a broad perspective of the world and the real problems that exist, except perhaps, you, who have drunk the koolaid of military industrial complex lies.

    6. The Chiba Oil Refinery was destroyed, killed people and sent plume of toxic chemicals out to sea. Most likely cause of Reagan sailor illnesses, yet Fuku sensationalized and wrongfully noted as cause by those with antinuclear agendas. Face it, nuclear sailors know how to protect themselves from eadiation. Not so much with chemicals. Illogical that nuclear powered vessel would not have the means or skillet to understand how to respond to a nuclear plume, if it was even that. My educated guess was that workers got sick not from nuclear, as that would require 10s of Sv doses, but chem. Cuba oil Refinery blew up and you missed it.

    7. Sure Chiba, yeah right. Sailors sure know how to protect themselves when following orders to scrub down the deck, no mask, no skin protection.

      The question is why were they sent into harms way, and stayed there a bit. I think they were being instructed to take measurements to verify the sources terms and to confirm SPF 4 fire and Mox aersolization to determine threat to Washington politicians...whether they should all run away.


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