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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fukushima Radiation AND SRM (Solar Radiation Management, aka Chemtrails) Are Teaming Up to Create Deadly Fungal Attacks

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It looks like a perfect storm, and the doctors and scientists are befuddled.   Yet those who have taken the red pill and can still think, and link apparently unconnected activities, can figure out what ails us.    

Now the problem is, how to take effective action.  

The UK has been talking very plainly about Geoengineering since 2010

The super rich, apparently think of themselves as some kind of philosopher/strategist Kings who really do know what is best for the world.   With control of the media and the government, including in all likelihood, the US president past and near future, the solution really involves great awakening, a tipping point.    

In regards to the deadly fungal infections:
1) Radiation creates ailments along with reducing immune system function
2) Radiation creates mutations in which various infecting agents can become more effective against us.
3) GMO/GE food along with a steady diet of glyphosphate creates a destruction of proper gut function, and 70% of the immune system is generated in the gut.
4) SRM -- Spraying chemicals in the air to misguidedly try to reduce solar radiation reaching earth has mutliple effects, some being chemical poisoning of hosts, and more and more effective fungal sources.

links via Lot's Wife

With certainty, we know that solar dimming encourages the growth of fungus. The rise in fungal-related deaths and hospitalizations can be pinned on solar radiation suppression. Consider the value of ultraviolet light to help repel harmful fungi at home.


  1. We The People sue, for blocking the Sun. Question; didn't you write an article on the comparison of these two Rad sites? Radiation Network and Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center. Kindly link if you did. (Noticing uptick after SRM)

    1. I can't remember any specific comparison of those.

      Super busy, racing winter with many homestead projects to be completed.

    2. Thanks, on a brighter note since I'm out here, Cubs Win! Which we're going to learn something new, a log from the humans explaining, 'Try not to Suck'.


    3. Readings from NETC and Radiation Network

      Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center an Early Warning Radiation System, that takes data from private radiation monitoring stations, EPA network and creates an RBL (Radiation Background Level) from the combined readings for each 3000+ stations every day. an Early Warning Radiation Monitoring System, that warns the public when the radiation is increasing it that area and uses CPM ( counts per minute ) to get the TOTAL radioactive material that is detected by the Geiger counter. 

      Readings, not Equalized, the Monitoring Stations are broadcasting the raw radiation count from their Geiger counters, without adjustment for different count rates existing between various Geiger counter designs.  For instance, models built around a "Pancake" style of Geiger-Mueller tube typically have about a 3 times count rate over Standard tubed models, so their readings in CPM would be expected to average about 3 times higher. (end report)

    4. Mark, good clear summary on NETC results.

  2. You need to quantify how much radiation and not generalize with "radiation". Humans can drink an eyedropper of chlorine bleach in a gallon of water. Yet cannot drink a gallon of bleach without harm.

    It's important to quantify and not generalize.

    1. 5 years ago Radiation Network readings on background started. Some how this has changed today.

    2. We know that Fukushima released an amount of radiation equivalent to ALL of the nuclear bombs ever air tested. I have quantified the problem.

      Try to minimize that

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