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Monday, November 21, 2016

Huge Earthquake Right In Front of the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 8.3 in US Scale

Japan reports a 7.3 J-EQ directly off the coast of Fukushima, and only 10kM deep.

Some captured videos of the shaking were provided by Cafe Rad Lab, which you should check out. Many of the top contributors at ENE have migrated over there to a "PT and Byrion" free zone.

See far bottom for those videos.

This was proceeded by a mini swarm of 5 on the US scale.

Japan scale is US less 1, so a 7.3 is an 8.3 US scale.

Live cam at the damaged plant, I saw more live after shocks


  1. Video of Tepcams shaking in the EQ.

  2. Nuclear plants and any other structure are never designed to any specific Richter Scale. A Richter Scale is a logarithmic measure of total siesmic energyou, the integral of intensity over time.

    The real metric used in any civil engineering design is "ground acceleration". That being said SONGS was designed to 0.75g. Which meant, if the big one hit California, the nuke plant would be one of the last structures standing in tact. But alas the minority of fools that had post Fukushima agenda duped Boxer and Feinstein. They will see the folly of their antinuclear zealotry ideology.

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