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Sunday, November 20, 2016

List of Journalists Caught Red Handed Colluding With the Democratic Party

Ron Paul had a list of "Journalists" who were caught colluding with the DNC and other conflicts of interest that in Civil Society would be punishable as a crime.

But his list was just a "picture", here we have names, organizations, and Links to emails which show their complicity in same immoral and illegal collusion.  


Outlet Sources
Maggie Haberman New York Times DNC Leak
John Harwood CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent, New York Times political writer Wikileaks
Wolf Blitzer CNN News Anchor Wikileaks
Cecilia Vega ABC Wikileaks
David Muir ABC Wikileaks
Diane Sawyer ABC Wikileaks
George Stephanopoulos ABC Wikileaks
Jon Karl ABC Wikileaks
John Heillman Bloomberg Wikileaks
Mark Halperin Bloomberg Wikileaks
Norah O'Donnell CBS Wikileaks
Vicki Gordon CBS Wikileaks
Brianna Keilar CNN Wikileaks
David Chalian CNN Wikileaks
Gloria Borger CNN Wikileaks
Jeff Zeleny CNN Wikileaks
John Berman CNN Wikileaks
Kate Bouldan CNN Wikileaks
Mark Preston CNN Wikileaks
Sam Feist CNN Wikileaks
Jackie Kucinich Daily Beast Wikileaks
Mike Feldman GPG Wikileaks
Whitney Snyder Huffington Post Wikileaks
Betsy Fisher Martin MORE Wikileaks
Alex Wagner MSNBC Wikileaks
Beth Fouhy MSNBC Wikileaks
Phil Griffin MSNBC Wikileaks
Rachel Maddow MSNBC Wikileaks
Rachel Racusen MSNBC Wikileaks
Savannah Gutherie NBC Wikileaks
Ryan Liza New Yorker Wikileaks
Amy Chozik New York Times Wikileaks
Gail Collins New York Times Wikileaks
Jonathan Martin New York Times Wikileaks
Pat Healey New York Times Wikileaks
Sandra Sobieraj Westfall PEOPLE Wikileaks
Glenn Thrush POLITICO Wikileaks
Mike Allen POLITICO Wikileaks
Alyssa Mastramonoco VICE Wikileaks
Jon Allen VOX Wikileaks
Megyn Kelly FOX Wikileaks
Brent Budowsky The Hill Wikileaks
Mark Leibovich New York Times Wikileaks
Kenneth Vogel POLITICO Wikileaks
Karen Tumulty Washington Post Wikileaks
Chuck Todd MSNBC Wikileaks
Jessica Valenti Guardian Wikileaks
Jamil Smith New Republic Wikileaks
Sady Doyle Guardian Wikileaks
Monisha Rajesh Guardian Daily Caller
For people wondering how attending a private party at a campaign managers house where fine food and drink was served is collusion and a breach of journalist ethics here is the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics website:

stock here: also from an email attachment I found by clicking through the Wikileaks links....these are the other "journalists" who the DNC thought were "part of the team".

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