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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pictures of The Super Moon -- Night Hike Through The Kettle Morain of Wisconsin

I did a group night hike through a popular recreation area called Pike's Lake, during the Super Moon.   It sure was Super.   Biggest moon in 69 years.

The Ice Age Trail runs through here also, I did 3 miles of that the prior day with my dogs, almost all the leaves were down, but it was still beautiful.   There is a side trail to a tall lookout tower from which you can see Holy Hill.    Its a Basilica, which basically means they have a bat phone direct to the Pope.

About 25 people went including 2 dogs, weather was mild, even a big warm.   One guy wore short pants....buts that's Wisconsin for ya.  

I had my yuuge 1300 mm lens for the Canon EOS Rebel, it is a beast.    Here are some of the pictures.


  1. great photos. I wanted to see the super moon in Uruguay, but we got chemtrailed beforehand. there was no clear view.

    1. Sheesh! Even down there? Plenty of ice in the Antarctic. I guess that shows the truth of it...SRM is a money making scheme. I wouldn't doubt that they are also getting rid of hazardous chemicals, which they calculated in their diluted state to be of no health hazard.


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