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Monday, November 7, 2016

This Election Is All About the Battle for Non-Soveign Control Over The United States of America -- Explained In A Few Paragraphs

It’s not really America that has put these “choice of the lesser evils” in front of us.  

Hillary is a product of her own ambition, used by the super rich to further their globalist agenda for ultimate political and economic control.    Very few of her own supporters even like her, much less the secret service, her aides, her campaign manager.   But she will do the bidding of the super rich, for now mainly by globalist plan of putting us in debt $17T to “fight carbon” which also gives them direct control and ability to transfer wealth over all energy sources (Paris Climate Agreement), and trade agreements which allow the super rich to sell any of their crap anywhere with no arguments.  

This takes away sovereignty of the “subject countries” which they intend to be “all of them”, especially USA, the toughest nut to crack, but well on the way to cracked, many people are already calling it the “silent coup” of America.

A weakening of the overall people via no jobs, big debt, uncertainty, fear in addition to encouraging a slave class that EXPECTS and DEMANDs that free stuff be given to them, and a race war to solidify the dem voting base, has been successfully carried out.      They amplified and encouraged the “slave mentality” rather than further freeing the blacks, they have created many upset, sometimes violent, black and minorities that expect and demand something for free.    Michelle Obama with the famous “ I wake up in a house built by slaves everyday” and George Soros funding BLM with $100M to create ruckus.     

Today Obama told illegals that voting was the same as being a citizen, and that no government agency would be chasing them down because they voted.   Indeed part of the plan from the beginning even though they are behind on legitimizing this, it still may play out at the election, especially with this last push.     Hillary in place will ensure a large restriction on 2nd amendment (gun rights) to make it easier to force even more Globalist rules on the American people, this is not conjecture, she has stated the desire for more gun control.  

The clear cut stealing of the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders should make it very plain the level of corruption involved in pushing Clinton to the front.   
The clear cut control of almost ALL of the main stream media is even more telling.

They have it all on the line, they either win with Hillary, or they stand a chance of their Global dreams being pushed back for several generations.    Soros, Kissinger (both Jews by the way), Rothschilds, David Rockefeller (100 years old, and he has bought 6 human heart transplants to get that far) will all be dead before their dreams can be realized, decades in the making.  

The “New World Order” specifically mentioned by Soros and others was rolled out a little too quickly perhaps even a mistake by Soros, he is over 80.   And it was scary to a lot of people, so they took a different tact create it de facto via energy and trade agreements and more similar things still too come.   

Trump is a product of the disgust that people feel ever since the financial and housing crisis, those who are watching more than the Kardashians, know much of what I write here, and so a bit of truth out of the Donald’s mouth is very refreshing.    We need more than a minor tweak here, minor tweak there.    Just like JFK, pretty likely the super rich of the world kill Trump too.

Amazing to me that here we are.   There is a lot more to support all of the above.  


  1. Float the boyey, this should be (your post) at all polling stations.

    You know what The People could do right now? Italy's oldest bank is a Zombie, like most coming out of Europe. In 2007 shares were at $2043.00 in Sept of this year shares fell to $0.19; symbol BMPS. Some banks in Europe like Spain have divided the toxic waste (bad loan portfolio) and create a Bad Bank,many are penny stocks, which also leaves a Good Bank.

    Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, is 'BMPS', look at the 5-year chart. We The People, in this case, it would be the world, I mean everyone is pissed-off. We The People is a foundation, we learned it from Bill, we purchase the shares on BMPS and as largest shareholder The People, have just purchased their new bank, we just became a better player. 'The World Peoples Bank' This is not a pipe dream. The news of the FBI not following up with charges on Clinton, the markets around the world went up. If nothing else, this is a small investment that might help feather one's nest. The Power Monopoly can not let Western banks fail, Italy's Bank would take down Deutsche bank, in Germany and so on.

    What has the Power Monopoly taught us? Capitalism: The basis of the acquisition of wealth, one can capitalize on someone else's misfortune.

    Cubs Win!
    'Try not to Suck' (I couldn't help myself)

  2. I watched the election streaming from Market Watch and RT, as the markets tanked and the election unfolded live from RT, I realized I was watching Russian TV for the first time for coverage on the U.S. Presidential election, which was a landslide. I also just realized, were the polls different anywhere else?

    Thanks, 'Patton', I mean Putin, Sir

    1. Ya when we watch RT or Al Jazeera to get real news....well, that says it all.

      Even though we avoided the Hillary bomb, we have the very real problem of a controlled propaganda spewing main street media...still continually dropping vulture turds on us all.


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