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Friday, December 2, 2016

A Letter to An Ocean Scientist -- Who Ignores Fukushima Radiation

Mr. Nichols, would appreciate the courtesy of a reply.


I noted that you did a publication on Mar 14, 2011, 3 days after Fukushima, and then greatly slowed down your publications.

Have you noted the UME’s and other “run of the mill” mass die offs in the Pacific since then?

Ignoring the 800 pound Gorilla in the room, may avoid the uncomfortable “what have we done” reality, but doesn’t do service to science.   

Scientists like Ken Buessler and Jay Cullen who are paid to “minimize” the impact of our toxic assault on the ocean by pretending that:

1)      “Our Radioactive Ocean” <their website> has so much natural radiation that the addition of 2000 nuclear bombs of man-made radiation can be effectively ignored and just pay scientists to “monitor”
2)      Bio-accumulation is also ignorable

These “$cientists” do a grave disservice to the planet.

In fact bioaccumulation does occur, especially in Chitin.    Krill being a prime example and a prime food source at the bottom of the chain.    Krill also control the weather by cloud nucleation and cooling the waters which enable more Krill to survive.   Lack of Krill means less clouds, and warmer sea temperatures, aka “the blob”.   This super El Nino, on which on sorts of horrible outcomes has been blamed including the mass die offs, has been reinforced by radiation from Fukushima.   

It is so easy for “97% of scientists” <sarc intended> to blame man for “global warming” enabling  Trillions of dollars to be diverted those already in charge of the most powerful, rich, and modern Corporations.    

Yet it is inconceivable for Scientists to think that man-made radiation from Fukushima (and prior dumps) could hurt the ocean in a broad way.  

Please review this scientific proof on mass bioaccumulation of “Man Made” radionuclides by Chitin using animals such as Krill.     It could be our saving grace, that a wide spread animal absorbs Radiation, dies, and takes that radiation to the bottom of the ocean.   We better hope this is the way it works.

And here, take a look at the massive amounts of radiation and very dangerous heavy metals released by Fukushima, which incidentally, continues on to this day.   Several hundred ton of radioactive materials were aerosolized.    It’s from EPA data, not some chicken little fear porn method.

Indeed, Krill do sink pretty quickly once dead, so maybe we owe our lives to them, for absorbing the radiation and then taking it to the deep depths.  


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