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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Colleges Acting As Indoctrination Tools of the Establishment (NWO/ Democratic Drones)

Watch the video first then come back to my comments I sent to the head of the University that allows this blantant establishment propaganda to be foisted on students paying too much for a deplorable education.

It’s been 30 years since I went to Northwestern and then University of Michigan for my Masters.

Never in my 6 years was I subjected to “indoctrination by opinion”.   This video of one of your teacher’s is abhorrent and I ask for your response.

Sent to 

Dennis Harkins, Ph.D.
OCC President

"A student in California video taped what his professor was saying in class and how they are trying to create a revolution. He actually said that the people who voted for Trump were engaging in an act of TERRORISM because the socialist lost. He went on to say that the nation is divided as it was during the Civil War. Formal education is becoming indoctrination, not education. Children are being subjected to brainwashing and this video is just the tip of the iceberg."


  1. First, I would walk out of the classroom, these poor kids paying for this transformation instead of education. Second, these professors, were they raised from a petri dish?

    1. I didn't get any response to my email to the President of the University.

      Imagine that

    2. “The unions are acting like thugs, like bullies themselves,” said attorney Shawn Steel. This type of tactic is normal when to cover an agenda that only services a closed group, outsiders must be silenced in order for the regime to be successful. This is blow-back, design to spook and\or threaten an individual or group, to make one look worse than the perpetrator. You know what I mean, Black Swan, False Flag, Fake News, Conspiracy and all the clever phraseology and maneuvers to cover one’s ass. But seriously, Try Not to Suck!


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